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The 15 Scariest Things at Black Hat Lavasoft licenses the integrated antivirus protection, new in this version, from Avira, makers of the AntiVir antivirus and Avira Premium Security Suite 8. After running all the scans and rebooting as necessary, I used my own tools to evaluate how well the product had cleaned up known malware from the test systems. More From Neil J.

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It means that Ad-Aware will complete its cleanup when the system reboots, so you should reboot right away. But most users shouldn't touch it except under instruction from tech support. The Best Antivirus Protection of Lavasoft licenses the integrated antivirus protection, new in this version, from Avira, makers of the AntiVir antivirus and Avira Premium Security Suite 8.

Visit our Ad-Aware FreePlus and Pro product pages to see the full features of each new version. I loaded Ad-Aware Pro onto my collection of test systems infested with a variety of threats, including rootkits and polymorphic threats those that install using a different name every time as well as adware, spyware, Trojans, and even rogue antispyware programs.

Don't worry; when you enter your registration code it becomes the fully functional paid edition. The file will be removed after you have restarted your computer.

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As always, I gave full credit if it removed all executable files associated with a threat, even if it left behind tons of data files and Registry items. In addition to tracking cookies, it identifies "most recently used" lists that could reveal what documents you've been working on. When a known malicious program launches the process monitor in Ad-Watch pops up a warning and lets you block it. I noticed that in nearly every test system, the removal of a substantial number of file and Registry traces was credited to the antivirus's ExtendedEngine, which means that this antivirus feature available only in the paid version caught those particular traces.

Ad-Aware Free Available for Download. Improved malware detection Our amplified detection database now identifies over 1. No interruptions Access your content free of ads and trackers.

On the other hand, Ad-Aware didn't remove a single keylogger on last year's test; 4.

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Very effective at cleaning up infested systems. I finally found the place to tell Ad-Watch it should always allow or always block activities by specific programs, concealed under the subhead "User List". Spyware removal in this version is excellent, in part due to the new antivirus scanner. If you prefer manual operation, you can leave TrackSweep turned off in Ad-Watch and run the feature at your convenience from Ad-Aware.

The latter, as the name suggests it, enables you to customize the scanner and narrow down scan time by indicating exact directories to check for malware. With that problem out of the way, I ran a full scan on each test system. For testing I used the Full Scan and found that it's plenty fast. Click to load comments. You can select a smart scan to save time by scanning only critical areas. Find out other products here.

Ad-Aware 2008 Free Available for Download

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That's too bad, because Ad-Aware, with its 9. The application is presented in a clean and attractive interface that is simple to understand and explore.

Download adaware antivirus On the flip side, it's possible to suppress advertising and malicious sites by redirecting their domain names to an impossible IP address. Enhanced Rootkit removal system Ad-Aware features improved technology to detect stealth malware that takes full control of a computer without user knowledge.

Since the free edition comes without this new antivirus, you can't count on it to be as effective as the Pro edition. He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors.

For a Limited Time: A malicious entry in the HOSTS file could redirect your browser so that, for example, launching paypal.