Funkadelic cosmic slop

Though they often took a back seat to their sister group Parliament, Funkadelic furthered the notions of black rock begun by Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, blending elements of '60s psychedelia and blues plus the deep groove of soul and funk. Release Date July 9, A live version recorded during a rehearsal appears on the Funkadelic album Hardcore Jollies.

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

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The singer awakens from a dream hornyand goes in search of a sexual partner. Let's Make It Last. Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan — 12th September The album, which reflected a growing consistency in styles between Parliament and Funkadelic, became the first Funkadelic LP to reach platinum the same year that Parliament's Funkentelechy vs.

March to the Witch's Castle.

The judge and jury are not sympathetic, though he claims to love slopp deeply. The singer of this song proclaims his desire for a long-standing love instead of a temporary fling.

Retrieved from " https: To confuse matters more, the original Funkadelic appeared on the charts at the same time, with the title track to The Electric Spanking of War Babies. We're doing the cosmic slop Would you like to dance with me?

Cosmic Slop album liner notes by Dean Rudland By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Certainly it's a trip to hear the deep, spaced-out spoken word tale on "March to the Witch's Castle," a harrowing picture of vets returning from Vietnam -- and then realizing that Rush ripped off that approach for a song on its Caress of Steel album a year or two later!

Rock and roll Portal: A live version recorded during a rehearsal appears on the Funkadelic album Hardcore Jollies. Stream or buy on: Funkadelic 45s Motor City Madness: Get Off Your Ass and Jam. Trash a Go Go.

After several temporary replacements on drums and keyboards, the addition of rhythm guitarist Lucius "Tawl" Ross born October 5, cosmjc, Wagram, North Carolina and drummer Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood born May 23,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania completed the lineup. The singer proclaims his love for a woman, and asks if she is planning on leaving him. And Your Ass Will Follow.

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Verified Artists All Artists: The soldier did not understand why he was fighting the war, and why he gave so much of his life to fighting abstract concepts that he cared little about. The same year, Westbound raided its vaults and countered with Tales of Kidd Funkadelic.

Bass Cordell "Boogie" Mosson. Standing on the Verge of Getting It On At just the point that Funkadelic appeared to be at the top of their powers, the band began to unravel. After having performed for almost ten years, the Parliaments had added a rhythm section in -- for tours and background work -- consisting of guitarist Frankie Boyce, his brother Richard on bass, and drummer Langston Booth; two years later, the trio enlisted in the Army.

One Nation Under a Groove. Bootsy and Catfish were playing in a Detroit band in when George Clinton saw and hired them.

Funkadelic albums Westbound Records albums albums. He also claims his "nerves are shot" and he has devoured most of his fingernails in his pain.

George Clinton later compared himself to the subject of the song [ citation needed ] a woman who becomes a prostitute to feed her children because he was forced to use his celebrity-status in commercials such as for the IMac due to severe financial difficulties [ citation needed ].

March to the Witch's Castle. Funkadelic moved to Warner Bros.