Children of the matrix

Chapter - It's just a ride. Whether or not the reptilian hypothesis is real or not, to me is not that important. Oct 14, Dale Stonehouse rated it liked it. His theories are bizarre but perhaps aside from the bit about the most powerful people in the world being descended from lizards?

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Return to Mensajes de Civilizaciones Andinas y Americanas. Appendix - The Illuminati bloodline. May 25, Hobie rated it it was amazing. The whole concept of this book is largely based on the testimonial of "Arizona Wilder".

Chapter - The many Faces of the serpent cult. It is a kind of 'reference book' in comparison to some of his other work. Exopolitics should be a good framework for Icke's Theories. Whether or not the reptilian hypothesis is real or not, to me is not that important.

Children of the Matrix by David Icke

I gave it three stars because it's unintentionally hilarious. Even though the author's previous books were extraordinary and have build some credit to these concepts, this book totally childrem that credit.

And they are Lizards!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I gave it 5 stars cause even though the material is absurd it makes it worth reading like its worth watching Attack of The Killer Clowns on vhs. Nothing is as it seems. Anyone who has anything interesting or thought-pro This guy is a charlatan - a complete shill and con artist.

Full text of "David Icke Children Of The Matrix"

This book is what started everything for me! It seems that the author is largely influenced by it in this book. He seems a bit aggressive for my liking. David Icke is very articulate but that isn't enough to convince me.

His website is basically a special interest agenda collective of well below average intelligence people, who he may perfectly fit the 'sheople' he roundly chastises in his books.

David Icke exposes these forces and their methods of human control and he claims to reveal a fantastic web of global manipulation, orchestrated by forces beyond this physical realm. By the end of the book, a new reader will have a wholesome view on the claims made of the world stag Icke compiles a generous amount of information on pretty much the whole scene of alternative research of the time I refuse to use the term 'conspiracy theory', as it was created by the CIA in '67 to discredit others.

Return to Sumer and The Anunnaki.

If you are awakening magrix the global chaos being orchestrated by the International Banking Cartel, the Elite, or the Illuminati whatever you want to call them then this book must be saved for later, then in only then will it make logical sense. Jun 21, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Icke's mistakes and acceptance of anything that agrees with his viewpoint regardless of credibility or possibility!

Oct 14, Dale Stonehouse rated it liked it. If someone asked for a recommendation of a conspiracy book and was unfamiliar with any of the great conspiracies, I would recommend this as a comprehensive guide to and ambitious combination of every conspiracy theory ever in one incoherent and paranoid package. Truth matters little to Icke; perceived connections are everything.

Children of the Matrix

View all 18 comments. For those unaware, Texas places its highest priority on American football, rightly or wrongly. This is the wave Bush is shown using in Icke's book; the possibility the same wave that is used by masons or satanists matriz also be used in a more innocent way is seemingly lost to Icke.

Jun 11, Matt Williams rated it really liked it. Among the biggest villains of the plot are U. That is why I'd recommend this book. The Time between times. That book made no implications what so ever of possible Icke took a long while to grow on me, but I have been a fan for about a couple of years now.