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Dear Sir or Ms. I'll be trying that next. Like Like Comment by techpaul November 14, Reply.

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Danni, You are asking asis to diagnose a problem that might be software or hardware related, without looking at your machine. This is a HT device not dual core. I should say, though, that your ASUS has an Intel Atom N, and very good specs for a netbook, so you could probably run most any Internet security ass on it. No ; Try delete container: Boyfriend New Member Sep 26, Lazzer Oct 5, Thank you Paul so much for your quick and comprehensive reply!

Home Edition is not intended to run on server OS.

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SAVE while others are wasting. Were I to have replied to you in private, I would not have told you something you clearly already know, and phrased things differently. Both were slower than other AV's. Comodo is pretty good but annoying. RejZoR Oct 5, Rememberthis is for a netbook and not a desktop.

Or do I proceed the other way around? Forums New posts Search forums. Well with simplicity setup hence you are sure to have no worry to make configuration too complex and time consume maintainance.

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W2K3 is a better windows kernel than XP, it is faster, I can run it classic, set it up as a workstation, turn off all server services, and resource utilisation is low. RejZoR Sep 26, Especially it takes long to boot if you don't disable startup scan which is quite lenghty and resource intensive.

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. No other shields, no other tools, no avast NG safe virtual machine I think they call it.

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Only, with Windows Defender, you have to deal with system lags when opening a folder full of exes. Hi Paul, this is Avva.

I should add that you do not need to schedule full system assu using any AVs. Wed May 23 PS — WinPatrol is also a great security program for netbooks, and!

Neither except while doing full scans of course seem to have any impact on performance. All objects ; Use iChecker: I would like to think I can afford to take my time with that part. It is due to expire in 5 days and after exploring the links you provided Sir or Ms. Once a weekwe send a recap of our best articles and, if we host a Giveaway, you'll be the first to know!