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Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images All stub articles. As DeeDee Derbec, a young and dashing female smuggler pilot who gets swept up into the events of World War II, you travel around the European theater doing what you're supposed to be doing: But there's no hint on how to earn these points or if they are just allotted for certain missions. Kalypso Media has cleverly taken notice and released Air Conflicts: Surprisingly enough, the story is not terrible either.

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There are two control modes for the combat aircraft: Views Read Edit View history. Environments consist of rudimentary terrain predominately made confpicts of trees that don't fully render until you pass over them. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Penned by the writers at International Hobo, the story is in fact pretty depressing.

These missions are hard to fail, and merely serve to provide a backstory for her father's experience and character during the war. SimulationFlightCombat of players: Likewise, you sometimes level up and get a skill point to spend on handling, endurance, critical hits "You shot a pilot through the head! Only four actors do the voices of around 12 characters, and when DeeDee is talking with her awful French accent to a Russian resistance fighter who has the exact same voice, it can become hilarious at times.

On the 1st level, the shadows were either gone or minimal. So far Air Cpnflicts These could have seriously bogged down the game if not implemented correctly, but instead play smoothly and become a refreshing break from all the pitter-patter of combat.

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You may know wara as Professor Pew in older times. Even right up to the finale, everything about DeeDee's adventures is a tale of atrocities, mass murder, the bombing of field hospitals, the loss of friends, and her descend into a war-torn woman who is slowly stripped of a soul. Box art of European PC version. Secret Wars might be a budget title in price, looks, and polish. Many devs make them just to get a quick-buck.


Air Conflicts: Secret Wars - Ultimate Edition

Secret Wars disappoints in this regard. Secret Wars players can relive the most famous battles of the First and Second World War right up close. It's an arcade game, so there's no resupplying or refueling or anything like that. Everything from the graphics to the music and sound is passable, and it doesn't hold up to the best this genre has to offer on the consoles.

Objectives are clearly laid out and updated throughout missions, assuring it's always easy to find what to do next.

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While a voice-over from one of DeeDee's father's old squadron mates tells her what had happened, you act out these events flying a biplane and make some simple bombing runs. If you stick with it and keep on playing, however, it actually becomes confllicts an enjoyable little game. You are logged out. Down to the menus, most every aspect of Air Conflicts screams of having a meager budget. You play as DeeDee, a smuggler who gets hired to run secret missions for the Allied Powers.

It honestly seems like all the male characters are voiced by the same person weakly attempting different accents.

Because the simulation control scheme is just no fun to use at all in this game, you are simply stuck with making normal turns and sometimes braking because you're used to doing so in a flight sim whether it actually does anything or not. This article does not cite any sources. As DeeDee Derbec, a young and dashing female smuggler pilot who gets swept up into the events of World War II, you travel around the European theater doing what you're supposed to be doing: Description The arcade flight simulator Air Conflicts: You can help Wikipedia by qir it.

After each successful mission players can upgrade their skills to enable them to control their aircraft more expertly, make their aircraft more robust and select better co-pilots. If ssecret had money to re-release this, then you certainly have money to redo the voice acting and improve the graphics.

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