Htc sync for all htc android phones

Note 2 worth more with 4. Posted via Android Central App. It allows for file backups of course as any cloud storage solution does. When finishing installing, click " Complete " to exit. The few occasions when it actually works!

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All times are GMT Highly Rated by Users: The program is buggy and the interface is far from smooth and orderly which makes it difficult to get things done in an efficient manner.

Sync HTC and Mac with SyncMate, iSync HTC plugin | HTC sync Mac

Come on guys, stop trying to fix what's not worth fixing! Overview presents information about the HTC mobile phone which includes phone type, IMEI, Firmware version, occupied and available space for all the data types, Device setup for syncing settings and Application installer. There, you can set sync options, see your Android's general information, check the used and available space on your storage card, and begin to sync.

I put it on the usb and left it for 10 min after unplugged it closing everything out quitting it and replugging it back in it finally let me sync!!!!! More Sync manager is buggy and can prove difficult to use more often than not. Just unlocked as in entering your pass code. Overall this application tries to keep things simple and makes the management process for the mobile phone as easy as possible.

Worked fine, so my problem was the original USB cable.

How to Restore HTC Phones Using HTC Sync Manager

But my HTC Sync manager wouldn't come up and kept saying my device wouldn't connect. Once the btc has been recognized, data can be synced by clicking on the Sync Now button. Help would be most appreciated.

Letting the team down. Don't leave without your download! Also, web browser bookmarks or any other data files can be synced to and from your computer with your HTC phone. This is a really horrible piece of software. Posted via Android Central App.

Just trying to move pictures and video f You manufacture some of the best phones in the world, but what should be a simple and user friendly app', is letting your company and your end users down. Unfortunately HTC Sync doesn't make it easy to preview even simple text files.

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So I thought I was crazy phonse Thanks for replying and for your help! Waiting for my contract to expire so I can switch.

I kept trying to disconnect and reconnect last night when HTC sync was already open, so I guess the phone doesn't sync if HTC Sync manager is already open Help with checking for update. Give your HTC sync manager a few seconds to catch up. Initial setup can be painful as old contact lists are often full of duplicates but once everything is clean it works like a charm.

Now, come to use HTC Sync to back up all your precious data.

Trouble Syncing Phone with HTC Sync Manager

The Steps of Making A Backup: I have never had much success with HTC Sync on two computers. Moreover, we also listed the possible problems and solutions to these problems in this tutorial.

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