Hp deskjet 845c printer

Actuator - Actuating unit. Drive Assembly - Paper drive roller kit - includes roller assembly, bushings, gear on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust axial spring. Belt Carriage - Carriage belt - moves the carriage assembly across the carriage rod. Works as sled filters. Description Original HP 17 colour ink cartridge.

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Gear Station - Gears on shaft of spittoon station.

HP Deskjet 845c

Product added to cart. Ink Supply Station - Ink supply service station iss assembly.

Arm Delivery - Paper sensing arm - for 'paper out' or delivering paper sensing arm. Speaker - Speaker assembly - includes speaker cable. Arm Sensing - Arm assembly senses paper in bottom tray. Ink Delivery System - RIDS assembly - replaceable h delivery system - transports ink from ink supply station to carriage assembly. Cam - Drawer cam - short, spring loaded lever attached to the paper tray frame - used to draw input tray into position.

Description Original HP 17 colour ink cartridge. Only your wallet will know the difference!

We advise you to take this product instead of the original! Power Module - World wide power module - includes power module and power module to printer cord - does not include outlet to power module cord. Power Supply Board - High voltage power supply board. Gear Cluster - Cluster gear, large gear on service station. PC Board DC - Internal power supply board - power cable ddskjet on this assembly, remove covers to install pc board.

Holder - Ink cartridge holder - located on carriage unit, holder secures ink printdr in place.

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Bracket Left - Left bracket - carriage rod adjustment bracket left. Arm Tension - Tension arm - maintains tension on carriage belt. Control Panel - Control panel assembly - control buttons and display on top front of the unit. Paper - Greeting printef paper pack Ivory, Matte - A size 8. Cable Carriage - Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the carriage motor.

Door Rear - Rear cleanout door assembly - rear paper jam clean out door assembly. Cover Main - This is the main cover of the printer.

HP DeskJet C Printer Ink Cartridges | Printer Cartridges at Inkjet Wholesale

Sensor Open - Door sensor assembly - open door sensor. Carriage Motor - Carriage motor moves the carriage unit side to side.

Pinchwheel - Pinch assembly kit - includes all required pinch wheels, pinchwheel mounts and springs. Cable Panel - Cable Panel assembly - includes ribbon cable this is the cable that connects to the control panel or display.

Encoder Disk - Disk encoder - helps to provide position deskjjet of the paper.

Service station absorber sponge - soaks up used ink during cartridge cleaning. Overlay - Overlay unit which covers the control button or display english overlay onlycontrol panel or display sold seperately.

HP DeskJet 845C

Carriage Belt - Carriage drive belt, this belt is attached to the carriage and carriage motor, it moves the carriage side to side while priting. Door Carriage - Main front access door - covers the top of the printer and provide access to the carriage when open. Contains 52ml of high-quality ink that's 37ml more than the original.

This cartridge contains HP's original pigment ink; designed to give you superb, professional quality with every print. Power Module Assy - World wide power module - includes power module and power module to printer cord - also, include outlet to power module cord.

Carriage Latch Cover - The carriage latch is used to keep the cartridge s in place.