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But basically the ingredients are to get exclusive content of the personal life or the human interest of famous people. And we hope that they all find something inside to help them forget about their problems and something that makes them feel better. Posted in A Launch Story Is it tradition, because your entire family has done it all of your life or there is something that excites you every morning and causes you to look forward to going to the office?

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Hola Magazine

So he went to see his friends and asked what the next film they were showing would be. On whether the magazine is coming to the United States soon: We never begin a story thinking about how many pages we want to use. Laughs No, of course not. We want to respect personalities because they deserve respect, but also because we put ourselves as readers too, as buyers even.

Through osmosis or something, magazines are in you. So, when you have all of these things, you have our main menu. And not only celebrities, but personalities.

Knowing that our business must have an important technology element, art, and we actually have more people working on the website now than in the magazines. We were awarded by Apple the best newsstand application. We are starting with the website right now, hola. Going back to Lady Diana; you told me the story of how the decision was made to launch the British edition of Hello. She is the founder and she makes the selections and deals with all of the productions of these different articles and different photo shoots.

Spanish Royals

As fate would have it, your dad studied engineering and then there was a law in Spain that you have to have a degree in journalism to be an editor of a magazine. You will need a printer connected to the computer in order to print the Gift Message Card. We believe if we lose this family contact with the business, it would not be the same. Then we started finding certain partners in other holaa. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Buy zpain single copy of HOLA or a subscription of your desired length, delivered worldwide. Spanish Buy or Subscribe now. But also because the only way you can have access to good quality pictures was to ask the cinemas to give you pictures they received from Hollywood.

And it was probably one of the biggest success stories of the British press for a magazine.

Women in Contemporary Spain. The Spanish monarch was a vision in white as she stepped out on Monday, June Spring - Summer The best royal moments of May And we serve it as if we were the owners of a hoal.

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So, I hope you enjoy this Mr. It was a very important thing for us and we are very grateful to the Royal Family that they would give us this consideration. My grandmother, Mercedes Junco Calderon, is years-old, but she still continues to do one magazine, this one.

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On how he decides which country gets which magazine: The scoop was to be in all of our magazines, but we decided to put it on our American website first.