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Some proof for it is CSN: I understand it's a secret since that's part of the contract. Own manager on own server. Unless there is another CSO server that is in English , in a region reachable by Singaporeans and Malaysians, I think Nexon is going to lose money, and of course, get a lot of disappointment from its Loyal Fraggers. They just had to redistribute the contents to be patched to different regions thats all.

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Well like this, you can see How many ping will i have if i play cs nz or cso indonesia? UserU made a step-by-step tutorial on how to register a Taiwan account. I love how people rage that they cant infect me with their LMB while i kill them with nata knife and get called a hacker.

The closure of Vietnam region is mainly by them. Edited by UncommonChicken Rest in peace, If they do make a server, it would be really dumb because redundancy.

Is zombie plague even still alive? I thought that these regions have more players, than europe.

I have expected Nexon will go harsh for this one. What do you think?

Opening Counter-Strike Online for Singapore

Plus, If I recall there are some tutorial out there regarding mode names, settings, do's and don'ts, etc sinfapore a few were deleted; no longer available.

They control updates and patches.

Z to Steam players, we can't say that CSN: Players from Turkey can access the game starting 22 December It's not about actually franchising, but knowing how to woo players in.

Since its launch in singapord, Counter-Strike Online has gained great popularity among Indonesia FPS gamers, as this game is fun yet challenging to play, and it offers a lot of features such as fast-paced game play, various game modes Original Mode, Zombie Scenario, Zombie Hero, Basic Mode, Studio Sinbapore and many more. I don't play them often.

Sometimes I play cso tw a while.

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NZ's website before, but I noticed a few days ago that I was able to play countee download it. I really hope they give an English server; doesn't matter how bad the translations are, to be honest. But if it's manpower, the patch will be released in stages.

Just wanted to let you guys know, I wasn't able to play sijgapore even access CS: So, if the trend goes smoothly, there should be another expansion this December. Well, they told us that they will expand the server to more regions after this. An exciting news came from PT Megaxus Infotech Megaxusa leading local games publisher and development company in Indonesia.

Counter Strike Online (ID)

Yes Turkey is part of Asia but part of Eu too. Well, now where can I play CSO? Onkine, resales are going onlkne for months. Just do some gambling, you know 'Eeny meeny miney moe' it works most of the time. Z does not have any new things in a month now.

My memory in this server so touching, I spend a lot of money to buy all weapon like skull, balrog and janus.

Opening Counter-Strike Online for Singapore – News – Counter-Strike Online

The only time you need to translate is during those events. I already asked him about it. Or at least give us a server which is translated into Strile for us?