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Implementing Windows 8 Contracts This module explains how to design and implement Windows 8 contracts such as Search, Share and Settings. Styles and Templates Lab 8: Register of qualifications and certification.

Mechanics, Electrical engineering, Automatisms. Personal and professional development. Personal working time arrangement. DT - Technician's Diploma.

Assistance in acquiring Buildijg nationality. L4S - personalised learning workshops. Explain the different ways in which data can be displayed in Windows Store apps. Rssential the technical secondary education diplomas and the Master Craftsmanship.

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Describe app activation modes. Rate this course Your previous rating was ubilding deleted. There are no reviews yet. Responding to Mouse and Touch This module explains how to respond to mouse, keyboard and touch events, including gestures.

For more information, see terms of use and privacy policy. Working with Resources, Styles, and Templates This module explains how to use templates when creating the user interface.

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Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps using C# - Global Knowledge

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Course Delivery This course is available in the following formats: Implementing Layout Using Windows 8 Built-In Controls This module describes and explores the main building blocks used for laying out content when essentiap develop a Windows Store app.

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Implement app state management. Explain the new API model, how it supports building Windows Store apps, and how it supports multiple language-specific projections. Share Share this lesson. Subsidies for Luxemburgish courses. Functions of social and family assistance.