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The game has potential but Angry Monkey seems to lack the pop other endless runner options have. We intensively support as well as encourage our users and game companies to download, and use our games for their pleasure and business purposes. Log in or Sign up. In this game, a new case has come to a detectives notice. You can collect additional shields as you progress through the game.

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I would like to see the ad banner limited to the menu screens but I would imagine having it run throughout the game increases the revenue. It will test your patience and timing to sail through the gaps monkfy obstacles and advance far enough to save your monkey's girlfriend. You have exactly t.

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Escape game, is a type of point-and-click adventure game which requires a player to escape from a place, house or room by utilizing the objects in that surroundings. Top View Cottage Escape. The story behind the game has the monkey's girlfriend being snatched up by zookeepers that does not sit well with the monkey. The game has simple mechanics, nice graphics and can be a little on the frustrating side as far as game challenge is concerned. Maybe this could be a big step forward for his underrated agency!

Maybe one of the bonus items could be a Land Rover that plows through all the barricades. Overall Impression Angry Monkey Run is a challenging endless runner game.

This is a brand new escape game consisting of lots free room escape games, house escape games and outdoor escape games. That superhero cat is serving the people of t.

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This story is displayed every time you launch the game and thankfully, you gamr skip it and move on to the main gaming menu. Assume that in this game you are stuck in an island. Collect the hidden items, fruits and logos by repeatedly searching the surroundings. Escape the Student from.

Ever imagined being locked in a room and challenged to break out using nothing but your brainpower? Simple menu, simple game play When you launch Angry Monkey Run you will be carried through a series of storyboards illustrating the abduction of the monkey's girlfriend. Keep in mind the bats wont allow you to escape.

The game has potential but Angry Monkey seems to lack the pop other endless runner options have. In this anry you have entered aangry the Night Forest, unfortunately, the door got closed. To escape from island, you have to solve some interesting puzzles by clicking on the objects arou.

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Click on areas of each scene to grab items and combine some of them. Your game score is based on the number of bananas collected. The game is ad supported with the ad banner running across the top of all the screens.

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Once the shield fades away, you'll have to time your jumps to have the monkey sail through the gap. Find the Twin Birds. A superhero cat lived in a beautiful and magnificent city.

Your job is to guide him through the jungle to save his girlfriend. Skip to main content. While Angry Monkey Run isn't monley challenge, it is also without a gaming feature to keep you pulled into the game. Help angry monkey to relieve as possible! Johnny Finder Click on areas of each scene to grab items and combine some of them.

Abandoned Car Garage Esc.