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Travis I have the same problem as several mentioned above and would please like a response on how to fix it. But there is no "Personalize" option, neither when I right click, nor in the Control Panel. Thanks for marking this as the answer. We just want to change colors for easier legibility and a brighter outlook, since MS gray and blue are depressing! You can also choose any of the other pre-installed Aero themes to use as well.

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Disable Windows Aero | Windows 7, Vista

Aero Enabler Free software to customize the user experience of Windows operating systems. Windows Personalization Aero Enabler Free software to qindows the user experience of Windows operating systems Aero Enabler is a system utility which is normally not present within common versions of Windows such as Windows Vista or Windows XP.

It appears a "personalize" window but has "This page is not available in this edition of Windows" with "Windows anytime upgrade". With a file size of only kilobytes, it is also quite lightweight when contrasted with similar customization packages.

Disable Windows Aero | Windows 7, Vista

This utility has been shared for the sake of knowledge sharing. Windows 8 Good for tablets: I guess my only idea left would be to try to get back to stock is theme no patch everything uninstalled and windoqs again of course I really don't want to start that until I know for sure what it is that I am missing for the install of a ulti,ate theme with the extras and gadgets that's all I want is to be super confident in doing it so I can have the fun of tweaking the laptop and its windowe. You can tell from your screen shot and the fact that the Windows Start Orb lower left corner has changed from the Windows button to a Start button that your Themes Service is not running.

Now I have Aero Peek and Transparency. It should not say Start but should look like this instead: Frequently asked questions After you perform system restore and boot back into Windows then I ultimste suggest that you install the updates one by one.

Thank you so much! Finally I did manage to get it just eellxenough to get back into the reg os and it was crazy it started right back into the green logon screen and then onto the loaded green skin pack theme but this time no greenvtheme icon those were gone and again no transparency at all just the wallpaper and the customized window and text colors I had congigured.

Girraffe Hi, I donwloaded the software but before making the panel work and stuff I wanted to know if it will erase all my files and items in my laptop because I m ultimste if it erases it I loose all my work Youssef This helps alot thank you.

Fix: Aero not working in Windows 10/8/7

We will be covering all three of those features in their own articles soon. You have now aego setting up Aero to make it your own. You may check for the troubleshooting reports and also check if the issues are getting fixed after running the troubleshooter.

I mean I have cool looking wallpapers and dome icons but was not getting that transparent looking glassy kick bit look and also no dock or gadgets. I encourage you to follow this discussion to see about getting your Themes Service running again: Widgets, or Desktop Gadgets, widnows you to add everything from clocks, to RSS feeds to the latest headlines right on your desktop.

Colors, themes and window sizes can all be adjusted with the click of a button. Well I uninstalled it again and this time it went away except it opened up the blue alien skin pack dindows and left a blue log on boot up screen as well but no icons from the theme just my original looking icons and and the blue skin theme wallpapers and the customized blue windows and text I configured just like before and that is where I am at now left with the blue skin theme wallpaper and windowe extras except for the ocasional tease of the dock trying and immediately failing to install.

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We just want to change colors for easier legibility and a brighter outlook, since MS gray and blue are depressing! You just need to run the patch's EXE file. Agha This patch is work with my Axioo Pico MM but, 1 month later its doesn't work anymore someone can help me?

You need to run the patch by arro on it, and clicking Run as Administrator.

Download Aero for Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

When you click you will be given a list of all the pre-installed wallpapers on your computer. If you scroll down your list of themes, you will see each one has a small preview of it. And here's how I fixed it: It'll appear as soon as we approve it.

Windows Movie Maker Solid, free video editor from Microsoft. Thank you, Thank you, Merci, Kailan Ni hao, Install the patch again Hope this helps Awesome patch btw!