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Ma Jackson, an over renowned and well-respected trucker, is finally retiring from her longtime profession. Bikers will try to take you out in a few different ways, either by slamming into you, shooting at you, or actually jumping onto the back of your rig. Latest on Big Mutha Truckers. Though there haven't been a great number of games about the world of professional trucking, recent years have seen a notable increase in the number of truck driving games for both consoles and the PC. GameRankings and Metacritic gave it a score of

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The most offensive looking aspect of the game, however, is clearly its character models. Truckres spend the majority of their time on the road, navigating the highways between the game's six cities: Electronic Gaming Monthly If you have a love for the open road, big rigs, and the hillbilly south of Hick State County then you might want to stick out your thumb and get picked up by one of the Big Mutha Truckers.

Ma Jackson, an over renowned and truckerss trucker, is finally retiring from her longtime profession.

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Between the Xbox and PS2 versions of the game, the Xbox is the clear-cut visual winner, but only by a slight margin. Create a new topic.

Every city features three locations: Unfortunately, the actual voice talent used in Big Mutha Truckers is pretty unimpressive, and you won't find yourself having a lot of desire to sit through lengthy conversations. Occasionally, the player will be asked to accomplish a side-mission when he or she visits a bar. It's up to you to use you business smarts and your sharp reflexes to show Ma who really is her favorite child. Retrieved September 1, While the basic concepts seem to be sound, all of them look really badly rendered, with lots of misshapen body parts and lackluster movements that seem more lazily designed than anything else in the game.

Some of these missions can also be played out separately in the game's mission mode, but really, once you've done them in the story mode, there isn't much need to do them again.

Your trailer also behaves as you'd expect. The game also has a fairly good-sized soundtrack that can be accessed via your truck's radio.

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The PS2 version suffers from some pretty awful lighting, making the game dismally dark at all times, and the Xbox version, though brighter, looks considerably more washed out. Big Mutha Truckers PC ". Archived from the original on February 29, While it's fun to just kick back with a couple beers at the bar, you have business to do. Each of her kids must set out on a day trek throughout the game's various cities, delivering items and making as much money as possible.

Archived from the original on January 31, Archived from the original on January 20, In either case, it is a significant blow to the player's cash.

The garage allowed players to repair damage, refuel, switch trailers to carry different kinds of cargo, buy upgrades to improve their rig, or design custom logos for their truck. Big Mutha Truckers More Info. This page was last edited on 5 Augustat There isn't any challenge in evading them -- simply don't hit anything and you'll escape them.

When collected, these icons can refuel the truck, repair damage, or offer a cash bonus. If the player earns a high enough combo, he can make reward icons appear on the road. In order to make a profit, you'll have to keep tabs on what sort of merchandise is popular or in some cases, direly needed in each town. The difference is that not only is BMT in 3D, but you actually get to drive to your destination.