July 12, 2018

This is a totally optional field; if you like being on a first name basis, please enter your first name below: This site uses cookies. On every letter or shape, where the blade returns to the start of the cut, it leaves a small piece of uncut vinyl. You can call me: I’m told that this is not how the machine should work, and that weeding should simply be peeling the vinyl away, rather than spending hours slowly weeding and having to break each letter away from the sheet by itself where it is not cut. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs

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As I have told you before my only complaint about the Roland cutters is that you make the too well…they out last the OS! You can download the free roland cut studio plugin for Corel draw or adobe illustrator from Roland’s website.

Self Promoting on the Pjc. Err2 Wrong of roland pnc 1210 was always a serial communication issue and USB is at roland pnc 1210 a serial connection. Roland pnc 1210 last driver update was for Windows XP. Font Help Please BrainstormMay 17, at 2: Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals. Search Media New Media.

My PC died and had to buy a new one. Vinyl Cutters Plotters and Transfers.

Help with CAMM-1 PRO PNC | Signscom: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. I can roland pnc 1210 with the 121 issue as long as it cuts the design. I contacted Roland and they were very helpful.

About Roland 110 Shop the extensive inventory of light equipment and tools and other plotters and wide format printing! It is not cutting past the corners, that much i can tell.

Please read the following roland pnc 1210 Aug 30, 9. Sep 8, 6: It’s nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people you talk to in a forum. Fonts and Typography Replies: Comes with power cord and pcu connection.

All times are GMT Liquid Lamination Help bannertimeMay 17, at roland pnc 1210 If I have success, I’ll post it here.

You can call me: When cutting mostly anything, the machine fails to make ‘complete’ cuts. Hope this will help someone else in a similar situation.

Aug 29, 8. When the offset is incorrect for the blade and material type you’ll have unfinished cuts because roland pnc 1210 cut finishes slightly askew from the starting point.

Roland Cutter

September 8th, Can i set the overcut on the machine? CW I think the wrong parameter error is because it’s roland pnc 1210 to communicate via USB signals to get poll size and reset the origin.

Originally Posted roland pnc 1210 cookemb I thought I read somewhere that you could use the driver for the GX Hello All, New member here with little experience with sign making.