Diya aur baati hum

Sandhya's dreams and aspirations are destroyed when she loses her parents Arvind Kothari Rakesh Kukreti and Kanchan Kothari Surbhi Tiwari in a terrorist attack and her elder brother Ankur Kothari Varun Khandelwal , planning to move abroad, fixes her marriage to Sooraj, a person, raised in a completely different environment and with different manners. Archived from the original on 28 October Retrieved 22 May

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Bhabho now hates Sandhya as she holds her responsible for Sooraj's condition.

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Best Actress in a Comic Role Jury. Upon seeing his parents' selflesness and courage, Vansh forgives them and the family is reunited, but not for long. Best Programme with a Social Message. Best Actor in a Lead Role.

Sooraj Rathi Anas Rashid is a partially-educated, simple young xiya confectionerwho's also the perfect son of the middle-class Rathi Family. Indian television soap operas Indian television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings Star Plus television series Television shows set in Rajasthan Shashi Sumeet Productions series Fictional portrayals of police departments in India Indian Armed Forces in fiction s Indian television series Star Utsav.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Anas Rashid Deepika Singh. Now, Bhabho wants Sooraj to remarry to a girl, named Laalima Agarwal Shefali Sharmafor whom she believes, is able to help him get better. Vansh discovers the truth of his birth parents but hates them for giving him away. Sandhya is appointed for an extremely jepardious wur, titled Mahabhali, to track a dangerous terrorist and defeat him on his own territory.

Diya Aur Baati Hum Translation: Best Actress in a Comic Role Popular. But Sooraj's strict and conservative mother, Santosh Rathi aka Bhabho Neelu Vaghela wants Sooraj's spouse and her daughter-in-law to be simple, not well-educated, with the excellent skills hhm a housewife. After some twists and turns, the Rathis find out that Sandhya and Sooraj's other twin son Vansh Rathi Ricky Patel never died, but was raised by Ankur, bbaati plotted the whole kidnapping fiasco, and Ankita.

Best Actress in a Lead Role.

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After many theme changes in the show including the return of Rajkumar and Sandhya and Ankur's reconciliationas well as challenges and adventures of Sandhya and her family, the story finally comes to the long-expected denouement. Therefore, she has to leave her family and enact her own death in a train accident for the sake of the country's safety. Ankita is pregnant for a 2nd time but suffers a miscarriage and is unable to conceive again.

Ciya terrorist's leader makes Sandhya and Sooraj eat bomb pills to save Kanak. As it is not accepted for a woman to live alone in Indian societyAnkur has to lie about Sandhya's education level to ensure her settlement. Sandhya Kothari Deepika Singh is an ambitious, educated young woman, who pursues her dream of becoming an IPS officer. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Sandhya gets Bahu No. Sandhya cuts all ties with her brother, but lets him keep the child for the sake of her son Vansh's happiness. Sandhya faces great challenges in the IPS Academyincluding a terrorist occupation, but with the help of the rest of the students, manages to stop the criminals, establishing herself as an extraordinary police officer. Initially, Sandhya suspects Arzoo of being a terrorist but later not only saves her from the terrible misunderstanding, but also helps her get accepted by Bhabho as her daughter-in-law.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Jury. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sandhya and Sooraj unsuccessfully try to set a trap for the terrorists and to punish them, they kidnap Ved and Kanak. Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. However the Bengali and Him versions were stopped after several episodes.

Together with Sooraj, she forms a deep relationship with underlying love, until a misunderstanding tears the couple apart. After lots of insisting, the police agrees to send Sooraj on the mision and help Sandhya.

Air Actress in a Supporting Role.