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If you do not know the code, click Find Schedule B and a keyword search engine will help you drill down to the appropriate code. Get your shipment on its way quickly and with ease - use our shipment preparation assistant. Track Now Java Script is required to provide tracking results. Step 2 - Where is your shipment coming from?

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The assessable value is determined by Customs with the information found on your documentation and physical inspection.

Special exemptions for certain shipments to US Government agencies and employees of household goods and personal property for their exclusive use. This ensures that the city and postal code are valid.

Learn More Learn More. Track Now Track Now. Java Script is required to provide tracking results. It tells DHL where your shipment is going, what service you require and how you intend to pay.

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Multiline Entry Multiline Entry. Please read these carefully as they limit and in some cases exclude our liability. Step 2 - Additional Information.

Step 7 - How would you shipmeent to pay for your shipment?

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Change Duty and Tax Payment: When the dimensional weight of your shipment exceeds the actual weight, your shipmrnt charges will be based on the shipment's dimensional weight. Skip to the error encountered during the form submit. This is the party who will be taking ownership of the goods upon delivery. Step 8 - How would you like to prepare your Customs documents? Split your shipment contents up into separate boxes and create a waybill for each container Or, create your own Customs Invoice so that you can list all line items on one invoice Are you shipping waybipl Paperless Clearance?

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Medicinal and pharmaceutical products--Schedule B No. Please read these result table summary first: When documented confirmation of delivery is required, just click on the Get Proof of Delivery link for the shipments you track. It tells you the terms and conditions upon which we provide our service.

Foreign Military Sales program conducted on the basis of formal contracts or agreements between the U. The information on this document helps shipemnt deliver your shipment to the right destination, safely and on time.

Print and affix your dho Customs documents to the shipment. Select the responsible party for payment of duties, taxes and fees from the drop down menu and provide the billable DHL Express import account number in the available field When DHL services are paid with a credit card the receiver becomes fully responsible for payment of the duties, taxes and fees.

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Shipments of goods originallyimported temporarily free under bond TIB exported after being repaired or altered in the United StatesReport value of repairs only under Ddhl No. The maximum size of a Paperless Clearance document is kilobytes.

Goods for participation in races or contests 6. Provide a brief description of one item in your shipment Enter a Schedule B shiment Harmonized Schedule code in the field. Step 1 - Shipment Documents.

Please read these result table summary first: Download assistant for national shipments Type: Did the Quantity field clear and the two letter unit of measure change? Goods to be repaired and returned to the United States. Learn More Learn More. Skip to the error encountered during the form submit.