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Can you solve the crime? Year Developer Revolution Software An American lawyer on holiday in Paris takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of a fatal cafe bombing. A confused mess of a game, but one with a few standout moments.

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Year Developer KCET This forgotten Konami game called Shadow of Destiny in North America sees you traveling between time periods, trying to solve the mystery of why someone keeps murdering you—and why you keep waking up afterwards unscathed. You are working as a private detective and you've a message about the murder case!

Golden Doll Murder Investigate the gruesome murder of a young girl on a beachfront property in this atmospheric game. Azur Interactive Games Limited.

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Penny Finder helps you find and share penny items. Put your detective skills bames the test with this crime investigation game! Pipeline - play in your favorite game plumberconnect pipes and solve puzzles.

Mysteries of the Past! All of these games will require your crime solving skills to close the case and bring the offenders to justice. These crime games include scene of crime games where you play the role of an investigating detective to other crime games where you are required to examine security camera footage, to investigating murder mystery crimes some of which involve interviewing witnesses and crime suspects.

This unique structure, combined with believable police interview clips, makes it a bold narrative experiment.

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Year Developer Cryo Interactive And now for something completely different. Sxene classy, understated game, evoking classic UK TV detective dramas. Hints are there to help you solve the puzzle! Crime Games Crime Games: Solving murders, rooting out corruption, and exposing liars are just a few of the cop-like activities he indulges in.

A male body has been found stabbed in his house. The opening scene where you cover up a murder scene as one character, then investigate it later as a homicide detective, is a highlight. In another of our free online crime games find clues in a suspect's house and collect the evidence! Year Developer Access Software With its sleazy jazz soundtrack, gritty monologues, and trenchcoat-wearing hero, Under a Investigatipn Moon is unashamedly an homage to film noir—but set in San Francisco in You play as Francis McQueen, and along with sidekick and foil Dooley, you solve cases with a hidden supernatural element.

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Crime Games Here we present some of the very best mystery crime games for you to play online. In a rainy Blade Runner-inspired urban setting, it follows cop Azriel Odin as he tries to track down his missing brother. Year Developer Quantic Dream Before it goes all indulgent and supernatural at the halfway point, Fahrenheit also known as Indigo Prophecy in North America is a brilliantly tense thriller.

SMART - a puzzle game for brain training, attention, memory, logic, mind, iq. CSI Game Attend the scene of a crime with a missing boy and a pool of wet blood. Crime Solving Game This flash crime solving police murder game will require all your crime solving skills! sceene

A bizarre curio with some really interesting ideas. Year Developer Parabole Private dick Carl Faubert arrives in a snowy town in Northern Invdstigation, only to find it mysteriously abandoned.

Attend investigayion scene of a crime with a missing boy and a pool of wet blood. Pipeline - connect the pipes. In this crime scene game interview suspects following the murder of a local lawyer to identify the killer. In another of our crime investigation games review security camera footage to solve the crimes!

You will have to find the needed evidences and arrest the killer. From hard-boiled, hard-drinking private dicks to amateur sleuths in way over their heads, these are the best detective games on PC. The first Broken Sword is still the best, elegantly weaving real-world history with a tale of murder, cults, and conspiracy.

Use Augmented Reality AR to find clues and solve crimes.