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Figure 3, Host System in Control Room. To communicate with the gateway, and ultimately the host system, the WirelessHART device must be configured to communicate over the wireless network. As previously discussed, each WirelessHART device is configured with an update rate which varies from one second to many minutes.

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As previously discussed, each WirelessHART device is configured with an update rate which varies from one second to many minutes.

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Figure 2, gateway installed in field. Wireless field devices may have one of three power options: WirelessHART field devices report their battery voltage to the gateway, and have an integrated low voltage alarm so the user can either schedule maintenance or take corrective action.

In some installations, not all data collected from the WirelessHART field devices belongs in the control system, as qms points of measurement may just be used for monitoring or asset management. The Field Communicator will require the proper device descriptor for configuration.

Two configuration parameters are required:. A bit security key is used to authenticate wireless field devices when joining the network, including encryption of the join request.

WirelessHART Field Device Installation and Configuration |

A common Join Key may be used among all devices on a given network, or each configuratot may have a unique join key.

At least one gateway is required for each installation, with some installations requiring more. Reference 3, the Power Module Life Estimator, provides information regarding power module life.

With the ability to integrate WirelessHART data using standard configurtaor protocols, these existing databases can be automatically populated with information from WirelessHART field devices.

The gateway will automatically establish the logical and best paths, thus no user intervention is required. The first article showed how wireless can be used to cut operating expenses in capital-constrained environments. This wireless installation measures steam flow injection rates in this oil and gas field by utilizing differential pressure, gauge pressure and configueator measurements.

Upon conclusion of this five-article series, the reader will be prepared to justify, design, install and maintain wireless instrumentation and wireless networks. Shamsi has been an automation professional for 25 years and his career spans a broad range of industries, in roles from technical leader to project management.

AMS Wireless Configurator

By design, the protocol utilizes every channel in the 2. Visible in the background is the temperature connection head for the obscured Rosemount wireless temperature transmitter. For expediency, Device Parameter verification can be done prior to putting the device into service, either by the device supplier or by the end user in their instrument shop.

My Cart Books Online Training. WirelessHART mesh networks are self-configuring and self-healing, so setup and operation is greatly simplified as compared to networks requiring users to designate communication paths and other parameters.

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Host system configuration depends on the requirements of the host system. He specializes in working with clients and contractors to implement technology solutions to improve operational efficiency.

Devices with energy harvesting or line power can operate indefinitely at very fast update rates. The gateway is hard-wired to the host system stypically via a Modbus or an Ethernet link Figure 3. Properly defining an integration strategy will ensure an efficient collection of data from WirelessHART field devices, and proper dissemination of this information to the right end users. For more detail on these and other subjects listed below, please see Reference 4.

Figure 3, Host System in Control Room. The Join Key information is displayed in hexadecimal format via a web browser or a handheld communicator, resulting in a character hexadecimal field.

Other host systems may not have built-in support for the HART protocol, and may thus require additional configuration. Back to top Posted in: Users should enable Active Advertising on the gateway to ensure new devices join the network faster. As job vacancies continue to exceed the number of available employees, manufacturing organizations are Traditionally, host integration between the gateway and the host systems has been via a Modbus hardwired connection and the OPC protocol.