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Drive, and take control on sand excavator crane in city Construction Site. This was also realistic. User reviews about TriangleDigger. Open new levels and get digging tasks. Dig it is the one that comes closest to real life digging with an excavator and CS is the one that does the job best at being a game with a lot of content.

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I had to bring back the excavator and move the dirt away from the entrance.

Construction Simulator is more realistic when it comes to the digging part. Do you think if we were to compare Dig It Digger Simulator? Dual joysticks isn't supported last I saw in Dig It, you had to mess around with vjoy which was very annoying. User reviews about TriangleDigger. Watch more on YouTube Subscribe to our channel. Run your own ddmo program - build and fly a space ship to other planets!

Free excavator simulator download demo (Windows)

I petulantly dump my sand there and wonder what to do next. Si,ulator it is possible to get unstuck by using the excavator's arm, like in real life.

Try Construction Digger Simulator, help to build or demolish! Can be improved but is very good over all. More Can be improved but is very good over all.

Bagger Simulator 2008: Can you dig it?

Haven't had enough time with each yet, but what Gunner27 ismulator said - I think the digging physics in Dig It is better than CS and the machines are more responsive.

Start a New Discussion. But I definitively think of the games that Construction Simulator have come closest in my opinion.

But CS has a huge world and more jobs than just digging. Construction-Simulator Store Page. I might go back in and give Dig It another go, but generally, I wasn't nearly as impressed as with CS This was also realistic. Gameplay-wise I vote for CS, because you actually run ur own little company and buy new machines and construction parts for demoo various jobs. No collision detection, alas, only works on vehicles, so I come to a halt. About the download, TriangleDigger is a light game that needs less storage than many games in the category PC games.

Which is appropriate, as five minutes is simlator as long as I worked on a site before slacking off for tea anyway. Your review for TriangleDigger. How about both of these titles? But it is a game and not reality so I can live with that: At which point my five minutes is up. Latest articles Assassin's Creed Odyssey Leiandros: Archades View Profile View Posts.

Tenstar Digger Demo (free version) download for PC

Features of Construction Digger Simulator: This worked pretty much like in real life. San Andreas Solve your problems digger this patch. Last edited by Paino75 ; Nov 23, 5: However it is a good game too and it does have support for two joysticks as well. Realistic ness more detail in the landscape reviewed on August 3, Chacal View Profile View Posts. Complete missions, follow instruction and open new levels.