All new x men

I'm really glad he recommended it, because this was a good read. It's a blast from the past as the original five students of Professor X - Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel and Beast - are plucked from the past and brought to the present. Also, the rest of the impact it has on Past Bobby, Warren, Hank, and Jean is also immense, just being in the future and seeing what has come of their dreams and work Jean used to be crushing so hard on Scott back when they were young, and she never doubted him, almost blindly believes in the goodness he has shown time and time again when they are together.

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The Black Vortex, an ancient artifact of immeasur… More. Spider-Man Collected Editions. Consequences mini-series comes this series. Emotionally he cannot continue his relationship with her.

The lab is suddenly attacked by the classic Dr. After making it back to Earth, another confrontation with the Imperial Guard ensues.

All-New X-Men (2015 - Present)

They attempt to rescue Emma Frost from captivity, but she is also having trouble with her powers as her telepathy appears to be weakened even if she can still turn into her diamond form. Born with genetic mutations that give them abilities beyond those of normal humans, mutants are the next stage in evolution.

Obviously Scott is a major player in this storyline too, doubly important some might say.

But this is about Scott and we see that all the grooming from Charles Xavier; all those years of expectations and preparation, as well as the betrayals and trials of trust he experienced with said father figure, has all led to this. Btw if you hate cliffhangers then you'll probably hate this shit for quite a while.

What made Magneto such a compelling character to me was that I always felt like he had a point, and that he and Xavier were not nearly as far apart in ideology as it seemed at first. All-Different by Brian Michael Bendis.

All-New X-Men (Volume) - Comic Vine

That's why I think that this story arc in the d The X-Men comics were my favorites when I was younger, and I wanted to jump back into reading them with a more contemporary story.

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The fact that Beast makes a very controversial decision against type is part of the beauty of showing just how me things have fallen for the X-Men. Please help improve it alll removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. But writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stuart Immonen were not intimidated by this daunting task at all.

Hank takes a jaunt into the past where he Sometimes it seems like the X-Men do more time traveling than Doctor Who. The time-displaced young X-Men continue to adjust… More. Mystique tells Cyclops to be cautious and not to trust the brutal Wolverine, but reveals to an unidentified ally after leaving Cyclops that her true agenda is to sow discord among the X-Men while they prepare for wll plan.

All-New X-Men (2012 - Present)

Although shocked at the news of Cyclops' future—as well as the discovery that he has killed Professor X in the future—the X-Men of the past decide to help Beast, the younger version recognizing mdn he wouldn't do something like this unless it was truly necessary. I thought it would be goofy, but it turned out to be pretty interesting. I was rather pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

Upon her death, the man she loved and admired became the things he himself fought hard against and this failure that is about to come is unforgivable for her. When they hear news of a mutant riot, young Cyclops reaffirms his dedication to Xavier's dream of peace and the hew original X-Men depart in a new Blackbird, determined to confront the future Cyclops. But I do find myself fascinated by ned tension between Cyclops and the X-Men he left behind.

The team then uses a portable Cerebero and algorithm from Twitter to track new mutants and criminal attacks. Read Currently Reading Want to Read.

Open Preview See a Problem? Was he in control or possessed? Yesterday's X-Men continue to adjust to a bew More. I look forward to seeing some of the tensions that I saw in this book worked with in other places, but not here, not for me.

Bendis is writing the film version of Jinx for Universal Pictures with Oscar-winner Charlize Theron attached to star and produce.

It turns out the Brotherhood has been under Charles psychic manipulation the entire time.