Gta sa last mission

Continued abuse of our services will cause your IP address to be blocked indefinitely. Kill those surrounding it and move down the hall, killing the fools ducking behind the columns. There are one or two fire extinguishers located in the crack fortress. All you have to do at this point is survive the onslaught and hang on Help Cesar and the Varios Los Aztecas clear out the Vagos neighbourhood, which is highlighted yellow on the radar.

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Unfortunately, all the gangsters that misslon killed on the way up have respawned, so you're going to have to kill them all or most of them, at least again. Kill Big Smoke and Frank Tenpenny and finish the story once and for all. Get in the boat, which contains a knife and a silenced pistol, and make your way to the amphibious assault ship.

Missions-Los Santos: The End

Watch out for the Vagos rioters. Simply blast Smoke as he moves around the room, and stay crouched. Once the hood has been taken, waste the ballas guarding the house and go and confront B Dup. After he notices that he got fooled, he tries to shoot Carl, but misses. Cookies gtq Privacy Policy.

Tenpenny gets inside the firetruck, and tries to escape.

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Kill the guards guarding the crack fortress, and get on the bicycle. Crouch as you move, and be sure to pick up all dropped weapons for the siege ahead.

Go and pickup Sweet at the Precinct. CJ decides to have it Sweet's way, and they head outside. That being - steal a military jet off an amphibious assault ship and use it to destroy a flotilla of spy ships. It's Sweet, and he has been released from prison, although he has no idea why.

End of the Line

When you have enough territory, Sweet calls to say that he knows roughly where Smoke is hiding. Use the extinguisher on the right door and step onto the smoky catwalk. Head outside to target and recruit two of your own guys.

If after his car explodes your vehicle catches fire, don't be alarmed as a cutscene begins before it gets the chance to blow up. This will prove useful when escaping from the crack factory.

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If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Get in a four door car with Cesar and your two guys and head over to the yellow blip, trying to stick to green areas of the map on the trip. Get in the vortex misslon give chase! He wants to go home now and see what things are like. Survive 3 waves of attacks from the Ballas and take over Glen Park.

Eliminate all of the workers, and shoot the explosive barrels to help you. Once inside, crouch behind the crates and open fire on the room full of baddies. During the journey, they agree to take out Tenpenny by themselves. He successfully smashes the wall and enters the crack palace.

Make your way carefully through the hallways, watching out for dudes who roll into your path and try to take you down. After this wave, turn around and whack the guys behind. Waste them, and go through the second set of double doors.

Using the boat, goto the rear of the ship and jump into the water. In this final chapter, Sweet is released from prison and we witness the return of the Grove Street Families.

Problem is, Sweet grabs on to the ladder as it's pulling away.