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See download requirements and learn more. Download free games at FreeRide Games. Wedding cake factory Create and serve wedding cakes to customers with this cooking game. Recommended Games Cake Shop Did you ever dream about being a confectioner and running your own cake shop? Cinema Panic Work your way to the top of the snack pyramid in this frantic game of adventure, candy and cinema!

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Keep piling the toppings as high as they'll go until it collapses under t Authentic Spanish Paella Cook some delicious Spanish paella for your family.

Will Jill manage to find all of her loved ones and bring them back in time for her big day? But have you ever tried making your ow Cooking Lemon Cheese Cake Your kitchen is a real mess: Sure enough, just a few minutes after For you to have all of the right ingredients you need to have some time to prepare a creamy batter and some fresh fruit to add Cake Mania 3 Average Rating 0 player review s 0 out of 5.

Sweet 16 Dull You only get one sweet sixteen, so ccake sure it's amazingly memorable with a colorful cute cake! Facebook Twitter YouTube Blog. Play Cake Mania 3 to find out!

There's only one way to find out! People from all over the world love to personalize this fantastic dish by loading the pizza with their favorite toppings. Take orders and create tasty pizzas for your customers! Underwater Sponge Cake Prom is tonight, and this cute girl couldn't be more excited to dance the night away with her friends one last time before they go off to college.


Have fun with pregnant Elsa and prepare the ingredients for your recipe. As the game progresses, the customer orders will become more sophisticated so you'll have to be quick on your feet to keep up.

Now, to ensure her wedding goes off without a hitch, Jill herself must travel to remote periods in time - from Ancient Egypt and Revolutionary France, to an unknown future where anything is possible - and work her cake making magic on a wide variety cull locals in order to get herself and her guests back before the ceremony begins! Dive into fudge-filled decadence with these delicious chocolate treats!

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fhll Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge. Perfect Pancakes Today we're going to train you on how to create the perfect pancake! Ccake Jill as she bakes her way through ancient China, Olde England, revolutionary France, ancient Egypt and the Stone Age, serving cakes to a host of interesting characters.

Kids Pancake Corner Fry up some flap jacks and serve them to your friends in this fun and fast paced management game. All-new power-ups, kitchen upgrades and customizable bakeries.

Cake Mania 3

Baked Ziti Your grandmother is a proud Italian who loves to cook. With the preparations at their peak, disaster strikes when a Time Bender artifact accidentally shatters into pieces, sending her family and friends back in time after each of them tries to grab on to an artifact gull in an attempt to reassemble it. Its your job to keep the good people of Yummyville well fed! Take orders and make sure you get them right to keep your customers happy!

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But can you handle running a big-time bakery serving the most sought-after pies in town? This action will take you to a newer version of the iWin.

Cinema Panic Work your way to the top of the snack pyramid in this frantic game of adventure, candy and cinema! FreeRide Club members cull. You might also like: Download now and be the first to let us know what you think! And now he's opened up a fun cupcake shop! Grandma hopes that you'll keep the tradition alive by preparing All PC game downloads are free to download.