Afi miss murder

He said he wrote backwards from the throw away lyric: I would gladly bet my life upon it. UK Singles Chart [9]. Even as a fairly hardcore fan I've calmed down a bit in my age I really enjoy Miss Murder. Views Read Edit View history.

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Very weird lyrics, the chorus is about 'Miss Murder' yet the keep refering to a he She places her hand on his shoulder, then he shuts his eyes, implying his death. Add your thoughts Comments. Essentially Hitler saw himself as the savior of the German people, much as Jesus was said to have seen himself as the savior of the Judaen people.

Miss Murder

Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. I find the banners to be more telling. To this day he insists much better songs were left off the album, there imss one in particular but I forget the name he referenced it in the interview.

General Comment It's about Jesus, Hitler, and many other things.


He said he wrote backwards from the throw away lyric: The video ends with the black rabbit watching the murder. We're left to wonder why He left us all behind.

An atheist anthem with 5 chords is possible too. Here ya go https: I think it does well. Head Like A Hole. It may be only a character.

They represent a mask and a barrier between the followers and leader. Login with Facebook Error: With just a look they shook And heavens bowed before him Simply a look can break your heart The stars that pierce the sky He left them all behind We're left to wonder why He left us all behind Hey, miss murder, can I Hey, miss murder, can I Make beauty stay if I Take my life?

So he's asking if he mias retain his ideals by killing himself - rather than suffer to watch himself become an anti-Christ.

What's the hook, the twist, within this verbose mystery? Davey caved and the rest is history.

AFI ā€“ Miss Murder Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Release Date April 3, Views Read Edit View history. Are you sure you want to delete this playlist? During the bridge of the song, jiss rabbits surround Havok's desk.

The music video opens with vocalist Davey Havok finding a note, possibly written by Miss Murder. Jade had to kind of talk him off the ledge, insisting that while it might be a pretty empty song from Davey's point of view, it sounded like a hit.

This is not a definitive take on the song. Note also that the Jews suffered persection by the Romans in Jesus' time, by the Christians in the middle ages, and again under Hitler.

So what's it actually about? He wrote around the filler lyrics, never coming up with anything better than the original filler murer murder" original session stuff. It should be on the 6th page after mine.

AFI: Miss Murder (Video ) - IMDb

AFI occasionally use religious imagery muss Havok has shown an affinity for the devil. User does not exist. It was the yahoo one, he said that normally they go from concept to lyrics.