Gta vice city no cd crack

So lock this topic up please: Thanks to all in advance. Also Disable Visual Themes? Cannot find x video mode.

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Thanks for the suggestions. League of Legends The Witcher 3: Finally this issue has been resolved, pretty funny after seing a million discussions on this and idiots saying crap like "you ither know binary or you dont" WHAT?

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Also, if you did currently have a virtual-drive with some other iso mounted, then try un-mounting it and turn-off the virtual-drive software and see if that will allow the game to run for you. If anybody knows how to play this game without the disk in the drive please let me know!

Splatoon cf Super Smash Bros.

So far Rockstar and Steams' customer service is a big fail supposing you don't work for Steam- you've been very helpful ; 5 days and no response. I tried all ggta it and I still have the same issue. If i'm right, just install them to the hard drive, then use a NoCd crack.

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Rockstar had much better suggestions than Steam. True Addiction 1 since: Start a New Discussion. Please Log In to post.

I bought it during the summer sale as part of the complete pack. Featured Forums Animal Crossing: To bad citt can't talk about cracks here on neoseeker GTA: Login Forgot your password? So lock this topic up please: I was thinking of torrenting an.

His game is freezing when the song changes. Though, we can't drop links to sites that carry cs cracks here on Neoseeker. Last edited by Mystix ; Nov 14, May 21, 06 at 6: VC requires the CD for a reason. The best steam could do was recommend verifying the game cache.

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Navigate to where you have your "grand theft auto vice city" installed, delete the whole Audio folder, then verify the installation again; Steam-client, Library, right-click on your GTA Vice-City there, Properties, Local-Files, Verify integrity of game cache. I do have my Steam install on a different partition.

Next I'm going to try torrenting an. The Legend of Zelda There's I think a work-around for installing a game on a drive of your choice in this case, the C drive, so you could install just Vice-City on C, but keep Steam and your other games on your other driveand still having Steam and your other games on crck different drive.

PC Version GTA Vice City no cd

Thanks to all in advance. VC without having the cd in there??? Oh, and about them being legal, mounting an image of the game to a virtual drive or creating a backup disc, is perectly legal as long as you own the original. Huh, I didn't get much from Google. Ookware unwashed heathen guest.

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