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It's kind of like using iPhone folders There is also a free version for it! Happy organizing and customizing! Capture an image by clicking the extension and selecting an option from the menu.

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Fences : Software from Stardock

This is a tool that we used to better help managing shortcuts. I just want to clear up a few things about my LaunchBar Commander program. I have just enjoyed myself, by gaining knowledge about these ten free tools. Hoarding files on your desktop not only makes it challenging to locate what you dekstop when you need it, but it can also compromise the speed of your computer.

It will present 10 free tools that can help you better organize your desktop, or at least breathe some new life into it. Upon the first launch the software will automatically help you organize existing icons into several dark transparent tabsbut you can organize them manually with flexible options, such as creating your own tab with a specific category name and put anything related into it.

Winvows can organizes your desktop very easily. Not only does this tool provide you with more advanced screen capture capabilities -- annotations, selective capture, delayed capture, etc.

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. I like this feature.

It has generally 3 sindows of tabs: Selecting the objects makes the objects appear, but it is not really a good solution. The latter will require you to sign up for a free accountbut here's how it works:.

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Dragonmouth, The trouble is that there is merely just: It can work with Photoshop files, web page shortcuts, folder directories, and an assortment of productivity files. Everyone loves clean environment, but not everyone loves cleaning, especially when you hope your every minute could be dedicated to perform windowx, and possibly earn more income in your daily jobs.

The beauty of this software is that if you have finished reading or navigating the content, you can just click on the tab and it will hide the content without closing it, and the tab will stick on the top of your desktop.

Fences also does what Diswy. Roll up fences to the Title-bar for cleaner desktops. I wish you had a way to post screenshots, as a picture is always better than plain text. From an organizational standpoint, you can add colored labels and create rules for containers so specific actions will be performed at pre-defined times. Linux emulation is getting better but it's still not adequate for a simple, smooth, "just play!

Ten free tools to better organize your desktop icons -

Have to agree on the fences comments, I was quite disappointed when it stopped being freeware. Have fun on exploring it, and you will discover that a feature-rich sidebar is all you need to keep your desktop organized! Read More a valuable tool in your organizational orgganizer I use Gizmo toolbar, it allows for multiple toolbars, has a pretty small footprint, and also has other abilities as well such as it is able to qindows multiple virtual drives.

For those who come here for awesome freeware: Users can edit or change these at any time; the program does not do much more than that. That's why I started using a naming convention to organize my files, so I could quickly find them once they were organized into folders. There may be other, better desktop utilities today.

This can be a weekly or monthly event, depending on how much damage you typically do.

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Now hear me out, RocketDock is very similar to the ObjectDock, but there are reasons that I feature it: It's a win-win for everyone. I agree that it would be a great feature.

To create a new folder on a Mac, right-click on your desktop and select New Folder from the menu. Also do share with us your secret tips on organizing your Windows desktop! Window integrations with apps, tools, and software you use every day.