Gold rush game

Find them all to get small bonuses. This game will be released as a quality product, but with your help, we can improve it and maybe even expand our team. Become a character of one of the unique stories you can find in our world. It was hard, to transfer the feeling of the TV-Series to video games but we did it.

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Become a gold miner.

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Learn more about accountability. It is a limited offer with access to beta tests. What controllers can I use? Only you and your machines. Thank you for your support! From now on, you have to take care of all your equipment, instead of just some gamf machines. This game will be released as a quality product, but with your help, we can improve it and maybe even expand our team.


Become the gold miner. Each place has its own story. Questions about this project? In the future updates, we want to focus on new gameplay features.

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Players often dreams about being a part of the game, but the dreams are over now. Share this project Done.

In very warm summer days, your vehicles could overheat. For the past few months, we have been delivering free updates with fresh content, new features, bug fixes, and optimization upgrades. We are aware, that many players would like to have a multiplayer option, but it would require rewriting most of the game.

Will it be possible to see workers on the claim?

Fixed incorrect Achievement progress: Can we expect more updates? Rish reading all of that, you still look for something better? If the inscription is not enough for you, how about putting your face on one of the most important building in the city? Will there be a multiplayer mode? Gameplay affected by atmospheric conditions has been funded on Kickstarter, but is not available in the golv. Spare hands are always needed in this industry.

Visit Code Horizon page. Alaska inspired world Discover our big and detailed world fully based on Alaskan territory.

Gold Rush game

Reward no longer available 8 backers. You will find info about all new machines and systems in the game. Reward no longer available 50 backers. Gold Rush is the first realistic gold-mining simulation game. Here is the ultimate goal.

Tweet Share Pin Email. Will there be more vehicles? Each mechanic will be fundamentally explained. Hi, data collected at the end, but pls read it all, its not that long XDD With the MWP and big excavator i was doing 18 buckets clean ups per in game day could do a bit more gamr i found that number to give me some time to organize, refuel, go shoping