Gravity gun mod

I have the maps working, but I cannot craft the core for the gun, and by association, the gun. Drop it into the mods folder like most other mods. I Only Use 1.

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Gu BR December 28, There was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail. LOL December 31, 2: I agre you should update the portal gun and gravity gun mods to 1. I found an issue in v2, when I left clickan item frame, while holding the gun, it disappears.

Do-nut June 26, 9: Please let me use this mod on a modpack please and the portal gun hats and morph and more please ichun please let me use these mod in a mod pack.

As of guun 5. KaosRitual February 5, 5: I really thought this would be a cool feature. Can you place a mirror?

Gravity Gun Mod / (Half-Life's Guns) -

O May 21, 9: Ethan November 9, 2: Also, grabbing mobs with the Gravity Gun and throwing them at the portal, Then watching them fall from the sky is just too damn fun. Allen February 17, 6: I'm using the vehicle cannon mod, the grappling hook mod and the native trainer. Graavity August 14, 1: PivotSpideyP December 27, Your mod is now officialy famous! BadBoyTJ03 lol sure give it a go.

Butter is very strong when enchanced. Anonymous January 7, 4: I just got a Minecraft premium card code for free!

Ryan December 3, I deleted those to make sure it wasn't a compatibility issue, but gravity gun doesn't work anyway. BambaGamerPro August 15, 8: Maybe the gravity gun does 1 heart damage and the supercharged gravity gun is harder to make. DarkAssassin November 5, 7: Hang in gnu, always remember your music helps TONS of peop… t.

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Matt Walsh September 22, Gravity Gun Guh3. Joey July 25, 7: Not to mention the trojan I got from iChun Util…. I would prefer if its tone was the same shade of blue as the tool that appears inside the inventory. It's the internet, prepare to have everything bumped.