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Classic old samplers had a way of making things sound beautifully and organically digital, no matter what kind of sound you'd sampled, and that's the vibe that permeates Phosphor - it takes the typically crisp and clean sounds of additive synthesis, puts a sneaky FM twist on it and encrusts it all in a shell of antique digital dirt. Last edited by Gribs on Thu Jul 20, 8: In a nutshell, we're talking two oscillators, each with 16 partials.

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Was this discontinued a while back, or is this a fresh development? Maybe that is a fabricated memory or a brain fart.

They should seriously redesign it for more power as a sequencer though. Author Post time Subject Direction: A similar vintage option is available to the noise generator, giving plain old white noise.


Anyone looking for a truly original-sounding synth will struggle to find anything more character-packed than this. Phosphor offers 16 partials per oscillator and to make sounds you simply add in the partials you want by turning up their level sliders.

True to the alphaSyntauri, Phosphor v1 only offered 16 partials, but now each oscillator includes a menu-selected choice of 16, 32 or 64 of the blighters, extending the harmonic range upwards massively. In use, Phosphor sounds simply stunning. Both dramatically increase Phosphor's already impressive sonic potential.

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Autodafe Prophet for Kontakt by Autodafe Synthesizer. The new feature will allow users to stream the SoundCloud catalogue through their chosen DJing software.

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Two tempo-syncable LFOs with multiple modulation destinations. All times are UTC Delete cookies. The simplicity of the LFO section belies some nice touches, while the malleable waveform system is best explained by the manual. The sound and audio behaviors make these sound like 2 very different synths, despite their similar namesake and interface. There are a number of clever features that aren't standard soft synth fixtures.

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It's not that the presets are exact recreations, though - they just capture their spirit, be that a tonal quality or simply the way that the envelopes and portamento respond. See what Moog's new flagship polysynth—their first in over 30 years—can do in the hands of Dev Hynes, Dr. The filters are a combination of high and lowpass, which can act as either, or be combined to create band-pass filtering.

You could establish a low partial, for instance, ignore the next few and then add additional content using just the highest partials, creating weird and wonderful tones.

I would place Phosphor 2 as better in sound quality, but I feel it doesn't replace Phosphor 1 either. Off-the-wall plug-ins are par for the course for Audio Damage, so it's hardly surprising that their very first 'proper' synth is based on a vintage model that was pretty peculiar in its day and only seems more so nowadays. Post Reply 42 posts Previous 1 2 3. Another is the Vintage button, which switches the sound quality of the oscillators between a lo-fi mode complete with harsh aliasing to mimic the sound of the original device and a cleaner one, which makes a huge difference to the sound.

These can be sync'd to your host's tempo or left to run free and sudio only four initial shapes are offered Pulse, Sine, Saw and Randoma Waveshape slider lets you warp them. Thu, 20 Sep 10 comments Spotify to allow artists to upload their own music The feature is currently only available to invited artists.

More than the sum of its parts, Phosphor 2 provides old-school tones, textures and FX with a keenly modern edge. Get used to the delays—they're built into the vast majority of the presets, though a Delay Mix slider in the bottom right-hand corner lets you kill their effect if you want dry sounds.

This would be powerful enough with a single Oscillator but with two and their cross-modulation possibilities, Phosphor is already a sound design dream come true. Lonnie Smith, Mark Ronson and more. Please log in to join dakage discussion. One is the ability to adjust phosphorr curve of the attack, decay and release segments of the envelope.

Last edited by Gribs on Phosphr Jul 20, 8: Phosphor by Audio Damage. Its distinctive tone makes it a dream for cutting through busy mixes.