Bad family korean drama

How to compromise, offer support, handle responsibilities and learn to think and function outside of the scope of being alone against a bad world. But sometimes, a drama will step out of those tropes and offer something new. Fatemeh Feb 21 2: But that is precisely the point.

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Since this is a mix between romantic comedy and a family show, it is not heavy on the romance enough to match a pure rom-com. By using this site, ,orean agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Through that process, they find personal fulfillment and happiness in belonging to a group that needs everyone to exist.

Related Content Bad Couple Spinoff. There are two simple rules for this fake family. Hwang and successfully provides fake mourners to the funeral.

What a great feel-good series this was.

In the beginning, the fake family members don't kordan along, and hilarious situations arise as they try to take care of Na-rim while hiding their true identities and relationships. Casting was OK overall for all the members of family but i found Kim Korexn acting somewhat weak for this role. In fact, they are all annoying, selfish, hostile and mostly do not care about anything besides getting their pay. Butterflyjoe May 06 3: Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance.

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Fake Family Service

But that is precisely the point. As their individual backstories are revealed, the family members come to care for each other like a real family. Dal-gun auditions and picks five members damily the family and he takes the roll of Na-rim's uncle. Dal-geon finds his group of misfits and mostly forces them into the whole deal.

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Retrieved from " http: Her doctor advises her only remaining relative Byun, an uncle who wasn't with the family at the time of the accident, that she shouldn't be exposed to any more shock and that it would aid in her recovery if she's reminded of her happy memories with her family.

Arguments are welcome, fights are not. Settings Remove ads Sign up. But sometimes, a drama will step out of those tropes and offer something new. When it comes to the concept of family, Korean dramas usually go for a traditional approach. Hwang to make the payment and he realizes that only few people came to the funeral.

Hide ads with VIP. The characters do not really kprean off as anywhere near likable. Does anyone know where I can buy the dvds for this Drama, I saw some on ebay but I didn't really trust the sellers, it looked like a bootleg, so please if anyone knows, I would really appreciate it, thanks?

Dal-gun Kim Myung-min runs koean agency that provides fake guests to weddings for clients who doesn't have many friends or relatives to attend their weddings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The only survivor of the accident, Na-rim is traumatized by the accident and suffers from amnesia and speech impairment. I love it and have watched it twice already. The American writer and poet Maya Angelo, When a little girl named Na-rim Lee Young-yoo loses her entire family in a car accident and suffers memory loss from it, her uncle hires Oh Dal-geon Kim Myung-mina man offering fake guests for weddings, to get together a fake family in order to not further shock Na-rim until her uncle can investigate the event that took his relatives' lives.

I will give it 8. Win a Japanese Snack box today!