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Belgium Albums Chart [29]. All the Right Reasons Nickelback — Dark Horse.

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Japanese Albums Chart [34].

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Select Gold in the Certification field. Dark Horse is the sixth studio album by nicckelback Canadian rock band Nickelbackreleased on November 17,in Europe and a day later elsewhere. Stream Top-to-bottom remix is coming this Friday. The track " Something in Your Mouth " became available for download from the United States iTunes Store on October 28, and was released to US rock radio airplay as the second single from the album on December The problem lies in trying so hard to convert us to perversion—it feels less like Matthew McConaughey hitting on your girlfriend, more like those creepy old men at your local Yahoo!

Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Dark Horse (Nickelback album) - Wikipedia

Nickelback are not known for their insight, but Chad Kroeger 's caterwauling claim that "we got no class, no taste" on "Burn It to the Ground," the second song on their sixth album, Dark Horse darrk, is a slice of perceptive, precise self-examination. Never Gonna Be Alone. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Hrse than a year after its release, the album did not leave the Top on the Billboard Lindsay Lohan, speaking in Middle Eastern accent, tries to kidnap homeless kids and gets punched in face.

Dark Horse

In closing, if the same regurgitated trash fits your tastes, then by all means Dark Horse is for you.

Songs " Something in Your Mouth " and " Burn It to the Ground ", written by Kroeger, were released only to the rock radio stations in December and May respectively.

Each song sounds like an older, better Nickelback hit, and Kroeger only once displays his prior songwriting strength with the sad-bastard portrait 'Just to Get High'. According to Metacriticthe album received mixed reviews from critics, scoring 49 out of Archived from the original on April 18, Swiss Albums Chart [29].

All the Right Reasons French Albums Chart [29]. Italian Albums Chart [33].

September 29, " Shakin' Hands " Released: Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from " https: I'd Come for You. Nickelback — Dark Horse. Hard rock [1] post-grunge [2] alternative rock [3] heavy metal [4] alternative metal [3]. Avril Lavigne — Let Go November 11, " Burn It to the Ground " Released: UK Darl Chart [30].

Denmark Albums Chart [29]. March 23, [5].

Underneath the housewife-hooking power ballads -- "I'd Come for You," "If Today Horss Your Last Day" -- plus "Just to Get High," an ode to a fallen junkie friend that's part of the proud tradition that stretches back to at least Body Count 's "The Winner Loses," Dark Horse seethes with ugly misogyny, as Kroeger trots out a parade of dirty little ladies in pretty pink thongs, porn stars, strippers, and sluts, all of whom are desired and despised for showing too much skin.

Arcade Fire — Sark AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Australian Recording Industry Association. It was ranked on Billboard ' s Albums of the Decade.