Flash animated button

But you want to make this stop first and when a button will be pressed, it will start playing. For version 2, the libraries of sample buttons are accessible from the Xtras menu. Warnings This only works for actionscript 2 not for actionscript 3.

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Advanced Flash Buttons - Create Cool Buttons in Flash - Animated, Sound and Actionscript Buttons

Select the current frame which contains the button and press F9. The text must be static text.

A movie clip is a special kind of symbol that allows you to have animations that run regardless of where they are or how many actual frames the instance occupies. Place the button on the Stage. This functionality is useful for cyclical animations that play no matter what else may be going on in animafed current timeline.

Change the button image for the Over state. For information on assigning actions to the button instance, see the documentation that applies the version of Animate that you are using. After you've mastered a simple button, try more complex Animate glash. Make sure that Enable Buttons from the Control menu is deselected. A good way to learn more about buttons and their construction is to study the buttons included as samples with Animate.

Buttons with animated states.

How to create buttons with Adobe Animate

Resize the object in the Hit state dramatically, and test. To create the Up state button image, use the drawing tools, import a graphic, or place an instance of another symbol on the Stage. A button can spin when the pointer rolls over it, for example, because you have an animation of a spinning graphic in the Over state.

Copy and paste this script. Stop the flashh cycling of your movie clip by placing a stop action in the last keyframe of your movie clip symbol.

See All Related Store Items. Warnings This only works for actionscript 2 not for actionscript 3. In Edit Movie mode, select the button instance created in Step 7 above. This step creates an instance of the button in the movie.

Did you try these steps? Sound in Flash Button C. Make sure that the Hit frame graphic is a solid area large enough to encompass all the graphic elements of the Up, Down, and Over frames. The Hit frame is not visible on the Stage on playback, but it defines the area of the button that responds when clicked. Place the movie clips in the button states to animate.

When the Up state of the button is empty or invisible, the button is represented on the Stage by a blue shape. Double-click the button to open the Instance Properties dialog box. The second frame labeled Over represents the button's appearance when the mouse pointer is over it.

Creating a Simple Animated Button - Flash Tutorial

Create a movie clip for each state of the button that you want animated. Bring an instance of a movie clip symbol onto the Stage by dragging it from the Library. Help answer questions Learn more. However you cannot use another button in a button.

Thank you for your feedback! Notice the effect on your button cursor, and the Up, Over and Down states that you see when the button is enabled. In the Toolbox list on the left side of the panel, click the Basic Actions category to display the basic actions. Movie clips cannot be tested in the Animate editor.