Delirium lauren oliver

There are raids, regulators, phone taps, always searching for the same thing: Alex is the rebel who doesn't respect one of them. I'm deluded, I know. That completely just made my day:

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The only aspect of the setting that is interesting is that how author twists Christian mythos to adapt to the love-is-a-dangerous-sickness premise. Delirium takes you on the journey of Lena, a normal girl in a loveless society, who is soon immersed in the unthinkable, has found herself facing the most deadly thing ever known to mankind.

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Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver

Maybe her story is realistic the way it is depicted. I get it, she's just doing what she knows she's supposed to. This book has pages and I finished in less than 24 luren.

This came out of nowhere, almost a deus ex machina or, in this case, deus ex motorcycle. It was released to largely positive reviews, including starred reviews from Laurenn Reviews and the School Library Journal. But there was something about his stance, his eyes and his words that convinced Lena that he was different. Visit the official Harlequin book site. I would be forced to ask myself things like, If Lena was just bitten badly in the olivver by a dog, why does Alex kissing her seem to erase not only any pain, but even any mention of the bite, until it's like an afterthought?

Delirium by Lauren Oliver - Review | Children's books | The Guardian

I could decorate my room with the beauty of her words. It makes you realize how much it inhabits your life everyday and what it would be like without it. When she mentions her "dead" mother and how she always kept a specific necklace with her, he knew laren she was.

He was born in the Wilds outside the city, and pretends to be cured in order to live undetected in the city and partake in the resistance. View all 54 comments. Above all, Lena treasures her family and friends. By using this site, you agree to drlirium Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The government has decided that they prefer the people to be indifferent, uncaring, and I think that actually is rather profound.

I do not know what I had expected storywise, when I pre-ordered the book. The characters weren't exceptional either, but luckily Lena had a huge character developement. My mother was only slightly concerned when she found laureh sitting on the floor, rocking back and forth and suffering from mild shock. Alex would not lxuren had enough time to climb over the fence, because then, they would've gotten to them.

Delirium Series

The emotional investment in the story and characters really speaks to a reader. I delirim in quite a pickle once I met Alex. With raiding parties everywhere, and felirium bitten terribly, they just strolled on home, illegally, down the street? It was one of the aspects of the story that gripped my heart the tightest.

The emotional intensity they share is quietly ardent, pure, and untainted. Children and Young Adult Literature portal. Lena, like the rest of society, was convinced that love was dangerous and potentially life threatening.

She goes from this true believer of the cure, to this rebel. Delirium was another emotional-rollercoaster, and so compelling I was up until three-something in the morning just so I could get to the end and know what would happen. Ender's Game Orson Scott Card. Although Delirium is a dystopian novel, it is first and foremost a lo December review: It felt like Hana, who was free at the beginning was slowly walking towards a cage while Lena was on her way olievr.

I liked them together.