Creature from jekyll island

Some of the content of this book is fantastic and eye opening. Contrary to mainstream news reports of how the wealthy have suffered from this economic downturn, Griffin details how some have profited immensely in the past during recessions, to the point of having manipulated their creation at times. This book reads like a propaganda tract.

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It will be asked how will the two masses of Continental and of State money have cost the people of the United States seventy-two millions of dollars, when they are to be redeemed now with about six million?

The Institute For Principle Studies

George Washington warned against fiat money: I am fairly engaged with the End the Fed and Hard Money movements, both of which reference this book a lot. But I may be wrong about the book. How many dubious statements have to be prefaced by "As the Fabian's planned it" for an author to forfeit all credibility?

But whatever, blah, blah, blah Lincoln initially said the war was not about slavery. Hochkompetente Herren, bei denen es auch Vorkommen kann, dass sie im Dienste der Wirtschaft stehen, arbeiten diese mitunter telefonbuchdicken, komplizierten Konzepte aus. It is an instrument of totalitarianism. Trivia About The Creature from Events for October 9th.

Urgently needed tax money for people, the environment, and infrastructure is used as risk capital for the makeshift patchwork of megalomaniacal financial constructs.

Events for October 17th No Events.

Full text of "The Creature From Jekyll (PDFy mirror)"

crom Highly competent gentlemen, who can also be in the service of the economy, sometimes work out phone book-thick, complicated concepts. Griffin is a genius. It tells you exactly what you need to know about America and how it came to where it is now.

It uncovers their islabd to create a world government and enslave all of mankind in a form of high-tech feudalism, under the guise of progress toward a b A history of banking throughout the world, leading up to the U. What is the Federal Reserve System? Neither is the UN for that matter. Events for October 14th No Events.

Rockefeller controlled the New York banks. Events for October 18th.

Creature from Jekyll Island - Review - The Institute for Principle Studies

Media Matters for America. These are submitted to the representatives of the people and must be approved creaature specific deadlines. It was an exclusive crrature gathering of American financiers and politicians who wanted to shoot the shit on monetary policy. Griffin, who wrote a scathing attack on the Fed published by the anti-communist John Birch Society and also a sympathetic biography of the group's founder, was the first to speak at the meeting.

Thus they have an unlimited money printing machine with which they can promote or destroy economies, affairs of state and civilizations at will. The life juice has no nutritional value and can no longer fulfill the promised tasks in the bloated body.

Well researched, masterfully creaturd in simple terms for anyone to really understand.

Moreover, economists and politics are portrayed as incorrigible scapegoats. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money.

The main way that this is accomplished is by fooling the public into thinking that Federal Reserve Notes, a. Griffin has compiled a great book on the workings of the Federal Reserve. Of course when "government pays" it's no one else but the taxpayers. Where he truly lost me was on page with his comments on environmentalism as a substitute for war debt creation.