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Just saved me a few quid. All the stolen radios will now resurface. Read less Read more. The site wouldn't let me register, need to unlock my Renault CD player. The site seems to cover all makes of cars and radio too.

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Unless your scared your old cassette player is going to get knicked! Damn could have saved unpock the 99p I spent unlocking my car radio.

How To Unlock a Car Radio For FREE NO Costs At ALL!

Anonymous August 7, at 9: Anonymous July 11, at 4: Dealerships usually have a blovspot whereby the unlock code can be re-supplied if one can prove ownership of the vehicle. Read less Read more. Anyone help me find my code please. Thumbs up to these guys its a free car radio online decoding service! If you are having problems with your JVC car stereo and its displaying a message on screen saying check wiring then reset, the functions Bkogspot is no cost, all you have to do is register with a disposable email address.

Posted by Kyle Rens at And people on ebay have the cheek to charge for them! Credit Card deals. Like Us on Facebook. You just need to have this software on any device and you can solve the unlocking car blogsppt problem in the next ten minutes.

Most stereo codes are for cars that are quite old. Found 27th Aug We can offer you the best solution about this problem.

Car Radio Code Calculator.

Unfortunately, it also helps those who want to steal from us. Not all makes but quite a few. Follow Us on Facebook.

Read less Read more Normally you get a little card with the owners handbook. Yup them ones from the 90's By continuing to use our site, you accept our cookie and privacy policy.

Washing Machine deals. I successfully unlock my car radio device whit your radio code calculator How do i find my radio code for free, unlock a car radio without code, how to get the code for my car radio, radio code from serial number, lost my bogspot radio code, free radio code generator for renault or ford focus, unlock car radios for free, blogspto my radio code free, radio decoding service, how to get the code for my car radio. Lets hope that YOUR car radio doesn't get stolen as a result of this post.

Tweet Share Share Share Share. Blaze Angelov March 28, at 7: Most newer cars have a better than aftermarket alternative nowadays.

Radio Codes Calculator: Car Radio Code Calcualtor

All you need to do to unlock your car radio is to stay on this page and to find out all about this problem and his solution. Only a member of this blog may post a comment.

If that doesn't work then attempt to decode your car stereo by looking for the category of your car to locate it manually. Just saved me a few quid.