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Whether you are using this to score a piece for a soundtrack or are keyboard player that needs to write horn parts, you will find a convincing set of vintage instruments in Vintage Horns 2 that is more than up to the challenge. Vintage Vocals Emulate the sounds of female background singers from the 60s and 70s. Horn Section The ultimate pro horn collection.

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Customers who bought Vintage Horns 2 also bought: They are all recorded to bring to life a unique sound for a classic instrument or artist from days gone by. Instead, our goal was to create a collection of brass and woodwind instruments that captured the character of horn players from the 60s and 70s, including the quirks and minor imperfections that made them sound so good.

The dry martini film noir saxophone that sounds equally at home in the movies or reminiscent of Paul Desmond with Dave Brubeck. I was a little apprehensive when I saw that the size of the library was only 2 GB, but realizing that through sample compression and the fact that this is a very specific set of articulations, that allayed my concern.

The links will be active for 24 hours. You will find your products in the "My Products" area of your account page. Each Instrument included in Vintage Horns 2 uses three round robins per articulation for a very realistic feel.

Vintage Horns

Sample Library Review SLR accepts advertising revenue and has partnered with several affiliate programs. In the follow-up we find a set of 15 instrument patches that are more clearly focused on some of the iconic sounds of 60s jazz, film noir, 70s movie soundtracks and some of the more underrepresented instruments in the sample world like the piccolo trumpet featured on the Beatles Sgt.

Ostinato Brass by Sonokinetic. Caspian Brass by Performance Samples. This is not a one-size-fits all representation of each of these instruments, but rather a very precise set of samples that serve a very specific need. Manipulate the interface using the controls of all NKS compatible hardware. Welcome to the new Big Fish Audio website! Bass and Treble allow you to tweak the amount of each as with your ADSR controls directly underneath.

As with its sister product, Vintage VI, the goal for Vintage Horns was not to create a shiny, perfect-sounding virtual instrument. Vintage Horns 2 downloads and installs at 1.

We deliberately left the tuning loose, and kept in some notes that other horn VIs would have deleted—the kind of honking, squawking, warbling, cracked, and slurred notes used by those classic players. Horns by Audio Imperia.

After doing a play-through on each of the patches, I was really pleased with the overall sound of the patches as delivered. Long notes, Short notes, Stabs, Falls, and Swells.

Big Fish Audio - Vintage Horns - Emulate the sounds of classic horn sections from the '60s and '70s

Keep on producing those thoughtful and musical creations that inspire us. Vintage Horns 2 is a simple library, yet easily brings performances to life with a great sample set. Please make a selection above. Any unlicensed usage will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Submit Product for Review. Vintage Horns Bundle Two vintage horn virtual instruments at one amazing price! This non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted only to the individual end user who has purchased an unopened, new and lawfully made copy of this product from a dealer or distributor authorized by Big Fish Audio.

Vintage Strings A pure '60s and '70s violin section virtual instrument. You can return to your Big Fish Audio account at any time and download your products. The samples may not be included, whether unmodified or as part of a derivative work, in any sample library product.

Pepper trumpet, but inside you will also find open and muted trumpets that immediately brings to mind Miles Davis, whether it is his late 50s sound or anywhere through the s.

For brass and reeds, we also included Sforzando samples. You have control for Reverb which gives you access to dialing in the level you want and the choice via a drop-down menu for 10 different IRs for different famous recording spaces.