Agile project management for dummies

A little humor mixed in with material that can be dry helped keep reading fairly light. This book is great if you want to explore the secrets of the Agile management style. Besides the key terms, definitions, project team roles, Agile in practice, etc

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Agile Project Management for Dummies by Mark C. Layton

Table of contents Downloads Introduction 1 Part I: Here are some basic steps to get started: This is similar to the relationship between Agile the diet and Scrum the recipe you follow. If you are familiar with the " Trivia About Agile Project Man During the Retrospective meeting, team members discuss areas where their efficiency could be improved. Would you like to change to the site? When my boss tells me he has projdct he needs help with, I add it to my Backlog list. So it could have been a little more concise by cutting out the repetition, and I would have gotten just as much out of it.

Agile Project Management for Dummies

It begins with background information Ch. Some good information but mostly just a frustrating read. This type of management is excellent for software projects and developing software related plug-ins.

Well, and the knowledge of how to use them, of course. Managing Time and Cost Chapter You could be forgiven for thinking Scrum was something limited to engineers or developers.

Showcasing Work and Incorporating Feedback Projet The book does maagement you about concepts that have already been covered or will be covered, but for a beginner reader that would require reading the book twice. Product not available for purchase. Derren Toussaint rated it liked it Nov 12, The Importance of Iteration and Improvement One of the core features of Scrum, and what makes it so potentially powerful, is the idea of iteration and improvement.

It was given to me at a project management event and opened it when I wanted to brush up on some terminology for an interview.

Working in Agile Chapter 7: De auteur geeft massa's richtlijnen en tips, maar het was nuttig geweest moesten die voorzien zijn van voorbeelden uit de managwment. Mar 04, Ana rated it liked it. Oct 21, Louis rated it really liked it. Read it on your commute or during your lunch break with a highlighter in hand.

Vooral de laatste hoofdstukken, over hoe agile introduceren, mensen managementt krijgen met verandering en de 10 grote voordelen van agile vind ik interessant. What can help you build a car, save your marriage, code software, write a book, or even renovate a house?

And, while I know that this book was to teach about Agile, I felt like he was too much of a cheerleader. Once to just get an idea and twice to jump back and forward among the cross-references within the chapters. Books by Mark C.

Refresh and try again. Ik persoonlijk ben op zoek naar een referentiewerk over agile een boek dat je vast kan nemen als je met een probleem zit en waar je snel en vlot je antwoorden kan vinden ; ik heb niet het gevoel dat ik het met dit boek gevonden heb. Create your product Backlog: De illustraties en figuren vind ik niet van een zeer hoog niveau op het internet is veel meer en mooier beeldmateriaal over agile te mnagement en ik stoorde me soms aan de spelfoutjes, vooral in het begin van het boek.

Ask yourself If you are dummy, and if your answer is 'Yes' - go ahead, otherwise don't buy this book.