Hanuman chalisa by ms subbulaxmi

Ashta sidhi nav nidhi ke dhaata Us var deen janki maata Raam rasaayan tumhare paasa Sada raho raghupati ke daasa Tumhare bhajan raam ko pavai Janam janam ke dukh bisravai Anth kaal raghuvir pur jayee Jahaan janam hari-bakht kahayee Aur devta chit na dharehi Hanumanth se hi sarve sukh karehi. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Shri guru charan saroj raj nij mane mukure sudhaari Varnao raghuvar vimal jasu jo daayaku phal chaari Budhi hin tanu janike sumirau pavan kumaram Bal budhi vidya dehu mohe harahu kalesavikaar. Subbulakshmi - Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics M.

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