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Archived from the original on January 5, She then tries to hug and kiss him, while he struggles not to harm her with the rage stone's power. Views Read Edit View history.

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Ninja then finds a submarine inside a giant bomb and fights the mechanical fish, Ventis for the next Rage Stone.

Views Read Edit View history. I-Ninja Preview We slice and dice our way through a demo version of Argonaut's crazy ninja platformer. The next area Ninja lands in is the Jungle Falls which is being haunted by the underworld demon, Psyamon.

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A robot gae led by Master O-Dor has destroyed the ninja clan. Small and inexperienced, but very purposeful ninja armed alone, a thirst for revenge, seeks to destroy all the enemies of his clan.

Click on the below button to start I Ninja Free Download. As soon as they leave, O-Dor manages to resurrect himself. Retrieved March 12, You're Good to Go!

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It is full and complete game. Nintendo announces Pac-Man vs.

Throughout the game there are several uniquely designed walls that Ninja can run on, and points where Ninja can use his grappling hook to swing across a gap. Ninja arrives at Bomb Bay and saves it from many of the dangers the Ranx have set up. I-Ninja E3 Preshow Report Argonaut's new third-person action adventure game marries ninja action and extreme sports.

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I-Ninja Gameplay Movie 5 We duke it out with a giant, evil, mechanical gnome while piloting a giant robot. Occasionally, Ninja will encounter an enemy that will leap into the air with him in anime fashion to battle, and the two will remain suspended in a sort of flying void until the foe is defeated.

Ninja rebuilds Tekeyama and starts to fight Kyza in which he defeats him.

I-Ninja First Released Nov 18, released. As the player progresses through the game he will gain access to more of these abilities; using them he can increase his strength, heal his life bar, ride a giant shuriken to quickly slay foes, or even become invincible, which allows him to greatly harm enemies in his vicinity without even touching them.

It is an awesome Action, Puzzle Solving game. The game's protagonist has been included on the lists of video gaming's top 10 ninja characters by 1UP. The main character in I-Ninja has a variety of acrobatic abilities that are used throughout the game to defeat the Ranx army led by Master O-Dor. She also tells him about the stone of life which can resurrect the dead or grant gake to the living, offering Ninja a chance to resurrect Sensei or live njnja. Ninja wins and takes a moon-shaped Rage Stone.

I Ninja Free Download. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. Namco announces that animated filmmakers Don Bluth and Gary Goldman will create in-game movies for its upcoming action game.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Retrieved from " https: The visual style may seem kid-friendly, but the level of challenge I-Ninja has to offer keeps the game interesting for a wider audience. Argonaut's new third-person action adventure game marries ninja action and extreme sports. Time Warp Dragon's Lair 3D: