Hp server automation

Auto-provisioning support for OSBP i. Micro Focus uses cookies to give you the best online experience. A core server is a physical server that runs one or more the SA components, each with a unique purpose. In addition, each SA agent periodically contacts the model repository and registers itself, which allows the model repository to keep track of the machine status, and know when particular servers are disconnected from and reconnected to the network. Before you perform the upgrade from an earlier product version, please thoroughly read the respective upgrade guides and release notes to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.

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From SA client, you can upload a script, set it up to run simultaneously across multiple UNIX or windows servers, and monitor it as it executes on each server.

Server Automation Software: Provisioning, Patching & Compliance | Micro Focus

Customer Upgrade 8 Standard Configurations. Please read and follow all download instructions in the README document that is included in the Server Automation distribution and is enclosed with this memo.

Enhanced Heterogeneous Virtualization Management a. A device group acts as container for a collection of servers. You can purchase expensive training from HP.

I can understand how difficult this product can seem on the surface.

In auomation library, you can view the software resources either by their type or by their location in the folder hierarchy. Please also make sure the systems on which you plan to install the software meet the hardware and software requirements listed in the guides and the support and compatibility matrix.

If you do not have an HP Passport, you will be given an opportunity to register for one from the login page. Ordering of Custom Script rules e. The SA agent is responsible for a change on a server. After a script is executed, you can view the results for every server and then export the automattion. Grouping servers enables you to perform the same action on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time.

This process must be repeated for each of the product id's you purchased. If necessary upload the installer to the unmanaged server must be logged in as root. Servre the agent installer from SA client. Automatically remediate non-compliant autlmation and get on-demand reporting for audits.

HPSA Basics: 10 Reasons to Use HPSA HP Server Automation to Manage Servers

We do engage HP to when we move sefver version A to B, which we have done every years of having the product. HPSA is used to bring entire server infrastructure both physical and virtual under one management to gain full visibility to all your servers and operations. Being able to automate uatomation tasks greatly reduced manual errors and allowed us to push more out at one time. SA also maintains a central database that has detailed informed about every server under management, the patches and software installed on the servers, and the patches and software available for installation.

A system administrator sets the PowerShell execution policy to RemoteSigned.

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Jay Ross April 28,7: Manually performing checks on our 15 security compliance policies used to take up to 10 minutes for each of the servers — about 55 hours to complete everything. Manually provisioning a server used to take up to 2 days, with SA it servver less than 4 hours and no manual tasks are necessary after the provisioning task has been started.

Micro Focus on Facebook. This article explains major features within SA that can be used to automate your datacenter management. Operations Orchestration Practitioners Forums.

A system administrator installs at least one EPI agent. Most of the things you say are great require vastly more work and greater expertise on the tool which is hard to get because there is no documentation that can help.

The required version of Microsoft PowerShell depends on the operating system of the installation host and might have been installed with that operating system. Rich Uatomation Inventory c.

Customer Installation 8 Standard Configurations c. Physical and Virtual Visibility.