Call of duty 4 rcon hack v4.2

So now, you have hopefully protected your scripts for your private mod. One of our next videos will be a Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer Hack 1. But we want to protect our hard work from pro hackers too, so now I'll show you the extended version of this. This part defines the extension of script files, which is gsc as default as you know.

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But now, we will just rename it to something random, to prevent the hackers know our duyy file names, like 'jqa'. But what about the scripts? But why would we put server scripts into a downloadable FF, when clients don't need it only stealers do?

There is a simple trick for it: Here is the first element in ff:. Let me explain the logic: Call of duty 4 Hacks - Free Download - http: On your machine it is easy, but if you want to do it at a hosting, they must allow you to use your own. But even if you set up any of the above or not, you can also place some disturbing obstacles to make the stealer give up using your scripts if they can get them somehow. If you have done it, your mod should run in the same way as before.

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Sniper only CoD4 promod, RS admin puts me in suspected wh: Until they don't find it, they can't use your scripts. Today im going to explain my YouTube followers what is "roccat" and what is "wallhack".

Now save it, and you can also close the program if you want, we won't need it anymore. IWD, FF, and the scripts. This step is very important, because if your attackers know the exact name of a file on your server, they are able to download it under seconds.

Poor us, these scripts are not coded in FF like menus, so if you put your scripts into mod. If you are rvon with this, rename your config file to any random string, like 'clhn7f8ohlsuf93n7w2.

Steal protection tutorial - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Mod DB

Okay, now a noob can't find it. This is Austin and Hack's CoD4 dualtage. After this we are nearer to our goal with one step. First, you should make these credits in menus, because they cannot be decompressed as I said.

So when a player connects, their game won't ask for these files.

Well, if they get them, they can use your mod on their servers immediately, since they have every needed file for that: Cod4 PC Never kill an admin. And cakl there are scripts with constant names, you can't hide them by renaming them, because your server will stop working. Sup guys got another mod menu but this 1 is for cod4 so enjoy nd v4.2 forget to subscribe to me and vipermodzhd to get menu Big shout out to First, to make the work easier, download HxD.

But do you remember when I told you, better hackers can download every file with a known name? It xall, renaming the scripts in your mod is not enough, since probably it is using scripts from the default game.

Certainly it is not a big help, but maybe you can filter some 10 years old noobs. Watch until the end!!!

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Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer Hack 1. For this, you must be able to modify the server file. Posted by iCore on Jan 25th, - Advanced Management. This let's you play on the server you want where you cant get kicked or banned.