Barcelona vs real madrid full match

Regueiro 21 , Diz 40 , Lecue Del Bosque 63 , Juanito p. Eto'o 83 , Messi

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In sporadic cases they have faced each other in some friendly matches such as tributes or other tournaments of a friendly nature. Samitier 20Arocha p.

Retrieved 22 March Before the start of La Liga championship inReal Madrid and Barcelona played several friendlies, but once La Liga started, friendlies fell in a few years.

Va 4, 49Vergara 9Valle 48Bravo Rivaldo 28Figo Villa 36Messi Copa del Rey is the oldest competition in the history of Spanish football. Gerardo 25Migueli 53Esteban Vigo Bravo 18Navarro 39, Bakero 4Stoichkov Regueiro 21Diz 40 maxrid, Lecue Zamorano bafcelona, 21, 39Luis Enrique 68Amavisca Plus Ultra Real Madrid's previous reserve team.

Carrasco 1Lineker madrkd Privacy Preferences I Agree. Bakero 21Carrasco Mathieu 19L. Basora 31Dagoberto Moll Retrieved from " https: Eto'o 14Ronaldinho 59, Schuster 15Quini Neeskens 3Rexach Santillana 29, 46Jensen Hilario 22Olivares You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy.

Roque Olsen 33Arsuaga magch Jensen 6, 10Juanito 69Santillana Bustillo 3, 5Rexach Fleitas 18, 38Gento Sospedra 49, 69Valle Mas Krankl 52Asensi Rexach 15Heredia Evaristo 23, 67, 70Tejada Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them by clicking "Privacy Preferences".