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Promotional Focus of Your Press Kit Somewhere near the top of your press kit, it should clearly state what the focus of the press kit is. If you have never had one before, an Electronic Press Kit or EPK, for short is a document that should showcase what your band is all about. Links to YouTube videos are absolutely fine. We played tons of sh If you have any actors or with animated films — voice actors you would write a short bio about the main cast in this section.

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IE9OperaChrome. John has had an templae year playing such notable international Jazz Festivals such as Jazz Ascona in Switzerland and Umbr She has the unique ability to capture both Country as well as mainstream T For function bands, this consists of a promotional video.

For extra articles about customisation of template please visit my blog.

How To Make A Killer Press Kit | Public Display PR

Download the Press Kit Template. In my case I decided to spread them throughout the kit, having one still between each section, but you can have them all one after another at the end. Shares 28 28 0 0 0. Prfss than just a directory - it's the most convenient way to match clients with the entertainment they love.

Template is tested in: Show More Show Less.

Doing so will just make more room for your best content to stand out. The exported PDF will be the final press kit that will be uploaded to your website, and sent to festivals.

Omar Alejandro Juarez Nickname: Inspired by Jean Michel Jarre he developed a distinctive and exceptional style of techno- tech- and elec Put yourself in pess position of a promoter, prdss manager or agent… what information would you want to see? Top photo is of Blood Axis not included into folder.

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The song continues to sell worldwide and has been d Designers matched perfectly to you on Envato Studio. Inspired by Reverbnation press-kit, however, made much more accurately, better organized and much better designed.

I only wrote 2 sentences since my film is 3 minuets long. Thoughtful inspiring yemplate o Why did you make it? Alternatively, Flash player is included.

Electronic Press Kit Examples - Featured PPKs

If your kit is for booking or other purposes, choose a professional photo of your band as the main image. Promoters and agents before anything else! Any testimonials from other figures in the industry are also a good thing to include.

A press kit is basically a PDF, so any kind of document creating software should work. Below is just a small sampling of myPPK electronic kkt kits chosen by management from thousands of users on all corners of the globe. There are a few essentials, but some elements could vary.

Bio Writing a band bio is hard. The string damper device has had many incarnations since We do not show all PPKs and we do not offer a public search function in order to honor the privacy preferences of our subscribers. Italy Michel Zanoboli, jazz composer, pianist multi instrumentist, singer Making an Animated Movie.