Ffx 2 real emotion

Selections of music from the game have appeared on Japanese remix albums, called dojin music , and on English remixing websites. Matsueda and Eguchi's tracks were performed by Shinko Ogata, while the other arrangers performed their own works. Retrieved December 11, Final Fantasy X -Will-.

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Pay more attention to Final Fantasy X-2’s “Real Emotion” and “1000 Words”

Sign In Don't have an account? The soundtrack received mixed reviews from critics ; while several felt that the music was good and keeping in tone with the game, others found it to be odd and shallow.

Matsueda and Eguchi composed and arranged the track. The album spans 10 tracks, covering a duration of Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack sold 82, copies as of January ; it reached position 5 on the Japanese Oricon charts and remained on the charts for 12 weeks. Kenn Kato Kazushige Nojima. You are not alone What can I do for you?

Final Fantasy X and X The Come With Me single also includes a remix titled: The single contained three tracks: An orchestra version of " no Kotoba" would be placed on limited editions of the corresponding album, grow rexl oneas a bonus track. It included a booklet filled with printed images, providing more information about the soundtrack.

Matsueda and Eguchi's tracks were performed by Shinko Ogata, while the other arrangers performed their own works.

Archived from the original on December 19, This would be the first time an artist took part in creating the dance for cfx video game, with Kumi's dance being digitized into the game for the opening number.

Walk of My Life Live Tour In the segment, Yuna sings the love song, written by the character Lenneto her lover, Shuyin - both who had died years ago in Zanarkand. Kingdom Fan Club Event Memories of Waves and Light " in November of the same year.

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Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection is a collection of music from the game's soundtrack composed by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi and arranged for the piano.

Oh na-na-na, yeah What can I do for you? Kesshite furimuki wa shinai Anata ni wa toyoranai Nanika ga areba kanarazu Suguni kite kureru kara Ima boku ni dekiru koto Sore wa shinjiru koto Many North American fans said how they had discovered the single due to Final Fantasy X-2 and how they found "Real Emotion" to be "upbeat" and "empowering," while " no Kotoba" was "very beautiful" and "touching.

Views Read Edit View history. Black Cherry Live Tour Fantasia in Tokyo Dome Live Tour Views Read Edit View history. I can hear you The feeling of swaying in the real world Even if you feel it If you close your eyes, I will be there There is a bond between us So, you are not alone The feeling of swaying in the real world I don't want to lose The only thing I can hear from my heart is To run.

The single became the artist's first the chart in the top ten on the weekly Oricon Singles Chartscharting at 3, and remained on the charts for twenty-eight weeks.

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I can hear you What can I do for you? Ambient breakbeat electronic J-pop pop [4] video game music.

Oh baby, yeah What fffx I do for you? Retrieved 7 August Upon the single's release init garnered positive reviews from both Japanese and North American fans.

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