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Instead of relying on a third party substitute, build a custom Windows 8 Start Menu with a few Disable this feature when it becomes irritating: As soon as a program is opened the program icon is added as a button to the taskbar when multiple windows of the same program are opened, the buttons are stacked. It's mostly annoying because when the cascading menus pop up, the first one is to the right, then successive ones must go to the left, because there's no room to the right. Fortunately Windows 7 automatically sets the resolution, refresh rate and number of colors correctly.

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Enlarging the text and cursor Dedktop the text on the screen has become too small and hard to read, then resizing the letters is an resktop. The shortcuts in the folder All Programs are stored on two different locations: By using the Windows -key in combination with a numeric key one of the programs is opened the number of the program to be used depends on the order on the taskbar from left to right, e.

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This can be done by right clicking the desktop, select Screen Resolutionoption Make text and other items larger or smaller.

For the record, so if anyone else reads this, the only downside I have seen is that it is like the XP taskbar, not the newer Windows 7 taskbar, and I consider that a major upside. These files are stored in the folder: I've been using this little app called 7stacks for a while, which is very close, but it seems to be not quite up to snuff with Windows 7 in that it sometimes lags for a while before the menus will pop up.

The Quick Launch bar also contains the Show Desktop feature, which is a more obvious place than that small rectangle on the far right side of the Taskbar especially in Windows 8 and This may, or may not, be perfect for you.

If only the restored Start Button would launch a proper Start Menu!

Luckily, Windows 8 isn't yet a locked-down mobile operating While the Taskbar is unlocked, you can also drag the Quick Launch bar toolbarr a different location. You need to drag the Desktop toolbar all the way to the left so that it is next to the Start button.

To keep the system tray lean and mean, most icons are hidden behind the arrow at the left of the system tray. I guess I just gave up when it looked all crazy as I started to move it left.

How to Bring Back the Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7, 8, or 10

The Windows -key in combination with repeatedly pressing the arrow down key minimizes all opened programs. If these messages waiting for confirmation are not visible by the user, it is not clear why there is nothing happening. See if using "Large icons" with the folder instead may allow you to drag the dotted lines to hide it the folder icon. Right click the clock and select Properties.

Coolbarz: Create an XP style desktop toolbar in Windows 7

Here is a screenshot of my Quick Launch, although not grouped as you wanted and as in the link above: The Language bar at the left of the system tray, see the example above can be of use to add a second language or keyboard layout. Here is a screenshot of my Quick Launch, although not grouped as you wanted and as in the link above:. The size wwindows the icons can be changed with the option View.

After the taskbar has been unlocked the titles and descriptions of the icons can be hidden with the options Show title and Show text right click the toolbar first.

The solution I finally found was on accident. Dedktop Us Legal Privacy and cookies. The monitor is the most important hardware for the interaction between the user and the computer, a good reason to optimize the monitor resolution and other display settings. To keep a good overview, limit the number of shortcuts placed on the windowe when shortcuts to programs are pinned to the task bar and start menu, there is actually no need to place them on the desktop as well.

But, if you want to get the Quick Launch bar right next to the Start button, we can solve that. Change the resolution to the most optimal resolution for the monitor according to the technical specifications else pixels will be interpolated or extrapolated. Be aware that it is not wise to place any personal files on the desktop; it enlarges toolbwr risk of losing data!

Extending yoolbar taskbar to multiple monitors Unfortunately, within Windows it is not possible to extend the taskbar or add another taskbar on the second or third monitor. When I create the desktop toolbar in the taskbar, it creates a button with 2 chevron arrows, and it also creates a label calles "Desktop".

Now here is another native solution. Right click an empty area of the Taskbar followed by Properties for toobar option like Auto-hide the taskbar to make space available for the active programs and Use small icons to fit more program icons on the taskbar. Scroll down for the next article. Select the text samples which look best for you to set the best settings for ClearType.