Camwow retro for pc

I love this app it just needs to get updated. I would love to use it again because the pictures are beautiful. I think that's why mine gets so slow to open.

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If you don't have this app get it and you will never regret it.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It only works sometimes when I touch it to pull it up it takes about 1 Miunte and then goes back to my home screen it doesn't even pull up uhhh I had to delete it and then get it again for it retdo work also I had to touch retfo app icon about 7 times to make it actually work the effects are amazing but it needs to work all the time on the iPod touch!!!!

It automatically leaves the app and once in every blue moon it lets me get on it which really stinks and I've tried almost everything I can do with out deleting the app and it still doesn't work I don't know if it only does that with my phone but it needs to be fixed: Favorite app by Shyann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we all come out looking great!

CamWow Retro for PC / Android and iOS

It doesn't work well atleast for me I can't take pictures well I can but not if me everything is just black you can't see anything then when you look at it in your camera camww it's black still but in the corner it says cam wow Retgo mad and sad about this plz fix this then I give 5 stars: Cool Camera - Free photo booth effects live on camera,photo editor,pic collage,funny distort,art,color picture effects.

Thank you for creating this amazing app! They all love my front-facing camera and use the app all the time.

Square InstaPic — Photo Editor. Can you always post your pictures the way you intend them to look like? I take pictures of any plant, animal, sign, etc.

The game is amazing and who likes it rocks and whoever doesn't like it I will be really surprised. I hope it's fixed soon. If it didn't have that problem I would've given it 5 stars: I would fro to use it cakwow because the pictures are beautiful.

I love this app it just needs to get updated.

Webcam Toy - Take photos online with over 80 fun effects

I made the purchase for the watermark logo to disappear but it is still there. Let me first say this app is great.

Love this app though! Upgrade your SearchMan Solutions. I love the effects but the fact I have to deal with stupid glitz every time I use it is a little ridiculous. I have to wait days at a time for the app to start working correctly again.

‎CamWow Retro: Vintage photo booth effects live on camera! on the App Store

Reetro make any picture look pretty. Download this app and see how CamWow throws back to old-school photography with the best real-time vintage filters on the app store! So disappointed because this was my favorite camera to use.

I love this camera app. It also freezes when I try to change the effect.

Idk if theres a bug or what but everytime i open the app it is a black screen and i have to wait for the camera to come on and usually i have to open the app and wait a whole bunch of times before the camera works besides that wich is really annoying. It's really fun to take the pics because of the many affects. I love it but The user friendly interface of the application helps you to add retro effects to your images quite easily and quickly.

Right after place up on ten-twenty five Arrive see filters great-tuned to perfection and influenced by old-faculty analog pictures.