Batman ashes to ashes

Am I missing the point of it or was it just a weird horror fan film? TV spoilers must be marked for 1 month after its release. Treat fellow posters with respect.

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Content must be related to Batman or Batman-affiliated characters and stories, whether it may pertain to the comics, films, television shows, or video games. It all felt like they took the gritty version of Batman which I like and took it way too far and it all came off poorly.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Obsurity Follow Forum Posts: No low-effort posts Low effort posts ashss include: I've seen this long before and loved it. I've seen Joker do some nasty things in comics, movies, games but that's too far.

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Don't post to forums Gen. RustyRoy Follow Forum Posts: The tied up woman is the end is Catwoman?

Pardon my French but what in the actual fuck? They're cramming a lot into a 17 minute Batman fan-film.

“Ashes to Ashes”: Bizarro French Batman Fan Film

An article pertaining to previously-posted news will be removed, unless it is the original source, or if it adds additional content not seen in the previous link. A great movie, rather a piece of brutal art but I have to say it didn't give me a Batman feeling with the story and the screenplay.

Cloaked Man Follow Forum Posts: Submissions of video clips or screengrabs must include the name of the movie or TV show. The Joker and Harley were perfect. Batman and all characters, their distinctive likenesses, and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics. The Joker's relationship with Batman was matched up with the comic books and all of his characteristics were great.

Do not submit content that displays a link or watermark of a piracy website. No piracy Do not ask for pirated material. Harley was awesome and it was a great retelling of her character and her creepy child like innocence and glee.

BATMANFRENCH STYLE "Ashes To Ashes" - Batman - Comic Vine

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Much more Sin City-ish. Submissions of bxtman panels must include the title and preferably issue in the title. Yeah, this is great.

Honor Avenger Follow Forum Posts: I appreciate the amount of work it must have taken to do it but yeah Screenshots of social media.