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The game is divided into four sections - in the form of the four calendar seasons - which are unlocked through natural progression of the story. Oct 14, Also On: This page was last edited on 11 August , at Upon arriving in Winter, Evil Rat - disguised as a snowman - knocks Axel into the icy river with a snowball, who surfaces completely encapsulated in ice.

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You have to chase the rat through dozens of scenes depicting the four seasons, spring through to winter.

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To progress through, you have to solve puzzles using the magic cursor clicking on numerous objects around the scenes in the correct order. All this publication's reviews. Silver Wish Games Genre s: Aside from the traditional point-and-click mechanics, the game also features three different platform mini-games - 'Hot Air Loons', 'Four Wheel Dives' and 'Sailing Through', respectively.

After clearing the nearby lake of an oil spill, Axel obtains a paintbrush from a newly reanimated tree and paints his final vehicle in thin air: The game is divided into four sections - in the form of the four calendar seasons - which are unlocked through natural progression of the story. However, if you are looking for a fun night with a unique and charming title, then look no further.

Inside, Axel anx Evil Rat with snowballs and claims the key back to reality, but not before defeating the Ice Giant in a series of QTEs; Axel manages to climb atop the Ice Giant's head where the final paintbrush is located, which Axel uses to paint a wrecking ball in thin air, knocking the Ice Axsl down into a chasm.

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Archived from the original on 4 October Axel, however, will speak gibberish to Pixel and to himself occasionally. Great game to play in between fast paced games.

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There are hidden objects within the scenes as well are paint tubes, paintings, and dog bones for you to find, which will give some replay value if you missed any on your first play-through. AdventureGeneralGeneral of players: It's definitely the most visually pleasing of the four seasons and there's an inescapable feeling of comfort and warmth along with it.

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This is one of the most better games on Xbox Live Arcade. This is the only point and click game that I have played and enjoyed. For example, you would not expect hitting a bird to get an egg to crush would be needed to grow a beanstalk to climb on top of a turtle. Having thwarted the Ice Giant, Axel paints the doors to reality in thin air and the pair enter, where Axel depending on whether the player collected all of the tubes of paint and paintingswith his newly obtained muse, fulfils his greatest wish by painting a picture of the four seasons in a single day.

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Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Ratings. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. Together, they must solve the mysteries of Axel's landscapes to get home.

With Axel fully mobile, the pair solve their final puzzle by playing a secret tune on a set of ice drums, opening the doors to the Pixek Giant's lair. As the only way of exiting the cliffs, Axel restores the power to a nearby ski liftgiving the pair the chance to escape. The game also makes use of quick time events in a few of the azel as ways of helping Axel scale walls or avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Archived from the original on Collecting all the items and solving the scenes with less clues will give you a score which goes on a leader-board to compare with friends.

Mixed or average reviews - plxel on 30 Critics What's this? Pole vaulting across the river, Axel, with Pixel's help, uncovers a hidden giant catapult, which Axel proceeds to fill with boulders, firing them at the nearby dam, eventually breaking through, abd Pesky Hedgehog off his feet and carrying him away in the waves, leaving Axel and Pixel to descend into the sewers. In fact, the whole darn place is extremely pretty indeed.

Oct 14, Also On: A quite marvelous piece of work. Axel quickly paints a bright yellow car in thin air and the pair give chase through a series of hills into Autumn, where the environments now feature a much more vibrant tone amd colour, with an emphasis on oranges and, especially, browns.