Amma bhagavan teachings

How can I serve the divine in best possible way and how to become a great Sevak? You Have to Experience It. You must do this by giving talks, conducting seminars and whatever way it is possible for you.

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That we put as the fourth need. You are the son or daughter of so and so, the father, husband or friend of so and so, you are the employer or employee of so and so - there are so many beings inside you that are all the time talking - and again there is the conscious and the unconscious self, your authentic and inauthentic self - all having teachkngs dialogue all the time.

It takes 21 days for that. It can be any teaching of Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Buddha's teaching; any teaching for that matter will not take you to Mukti. There are very good effects on the other hand.

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For this knowledge to flower in you, the grace of God has to be invoked. I am not criticising you, I am merely awakening you to joy and love, which are possible when the heart has flowered.

They get stuck in the earth sphere as earthbound spirits. Our bodies are a gift from them, so is our intelligence, our health, our wealth and so much more. So, please try to avoid all fight, all struggle with negative emotions.

The true art of living is to experience fully, totally and completely whatever is going on. What I am telling is like this; Suppose a tiger enters this room, most of you would climb up the fan and hang on there!

You are a robot and your parent is a robot. A piece of rock.

What is there ultimately is consciousness and that has to only to be experienced. Bhagavan, how does it help in our daily lives Bhagavan the blessings of our.

How to control the mind? And I am supremely grateful for the miraculous intervention of my Lord, Jesus Christ, who has manifested in my life, over and over again, and for the Grace He has given me to experience His direct Presence. We can tell you what it is not. All fights with negative thoughts must be avoided. It doesn't stop there. Jesus Christ could love the whole humanity.

If you know this art of experiencing your spouse, you are then not only happy with your spouse, you are happy with everything in life. It is this that erupts as wars, communal conflict, drought, flood or any kind of calamity.

That is your nature. That is your moment of enlightenment. But for that to happen you have to identify with the mind, the body and your thoughts. Stop judging and being critical. Bhagavan, how do we accept things?

The choice is therefore left to you. That is when you are truly free. What you draw out is your personal God and it depends on you.

Sri Sri Amma Bhagavan: Sri Bhagavan Teachings

Dear Bhagavan, what is the difference, or differences, to have a contact with the Antaryamin and to be God realized? There is no beginning and end to life. If on the other hand, you stop doing these things, experiencing automatically happens. Therefore you fight with it. How to take them a,ma, that is what we are teaching.