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Futuristic City 3D shows a futuristic metropolis city, which is filled with perfect pictures that take you to the world of tomorrow with its architectural solutions. These include Flickr images, Tweets, and much more. If you intend to use it for actual screen saving purposes be sure to turn on the "ScreenWash" option in the settings. The service is now built upon Geo RSS posts from around the world.

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30 Cool Screensavers For Your Desktop

Well, since she covered it, the name of the application changed to GeocodEarth and redesigned to cover much more than just Tweets. More info I agree. It is the second hardware revision of this model, with support for the Have you ever tried any of these screensavers?

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Simulations, high definition 3D graphics and lots of useful information are all requirements that I look for when I want to find a cool screensaver.

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This screensaver shows the month, day, the day of the week, hour, minute and second, on six bars that gradually concentrically circle the screen as time passes. Another 3D screensaver, Earth 3D shows a r ealistic a,azing of our Earth with big towers and famous monuments of a particular region.

Screensavers for Windows

Folks tend to prefer wallpapers these days instead of an animated scene. The planet windosw in an intuitive way that goes along with the latest blog posts from around the world that are part of the Twingly network. It is a must screensaver for all the train lovers.

If you know other good screensavers which you would like to recommend, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Japan is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and definitely one of the most interesting. Retro Sci-Fi will drive you through pics of those old sci-fi movies. Lost Watch 2 is another screensaver created by Nvidia.

Screensavers for Microsoft Windows: Free Downloads

This screensaver is also available for Windows XP up to Windows Due to those search efforts, I came across a few awesome screensavers that I have to share. A good quality AC wireless router. League of Legends Screensaver.

It also has surprisingly good hardware inside, which should be able to offer a solid wireless networking experience, at a low price. A good and safe screensaver can be hard to find. While the setup process asks for contact information, it appears that at least the two screensavers listed below are available for free.

The service is now built upon Geo RSS posts from around the world. It makes your monitor look like one of the on-board computers on the USS Enterprise with all the scanning equipment and star charts.

You can either allow the screensaver to play music in the background and orbit freely, you can use your mouse to take control of the flow and turn the orbit in whatever direction you like so that you can get a good view of everything.

Find out from this detailed review:. Flux is a beautiful screensaver, which will make winsows fall in love with it, thanks to the entrancing view of particles darting all over the screen called "flux fields".

With this stunning clock screensaver, Polar Clock, you will see an screensavefs and magnificent clock, whose circles indicate the current date and time.

Read our privacy policy. It amszing a shiny minimalistic appearance with numerous colors and faces. No matter what screensavers for, here is a list of cool screensavers that you can download on your system either macOS or Windows.

These include Flickr images, Tweets, and much more. If so, what did you think of them? So now that I am happy daily Twitter Tweeter, Do you know any other cool, high-tech screensavers?