Friendly strike 3

Yeah I didn't like the colour of the font on the main menu, I wish I had rated it 4 stars instead, now Not that I'm against people NOT giving a game 5 stars or anything, but when it's of this calibre Half Life 2 A game full of action. Av music morpher gold 5. Posted by -Adam McMillan-. The game has many levels, and each of them features a different with about 40 weapons to choose from.

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Username Password Are you new? Perhaps in a fighter this would work, but I felt like it really did eliminate my options of where I could go.

My only gripe for this game is that I have big hands and I wish it had Joypad support. This download contains more than 50 comments, so only the latest 50 have been shown, click here to view all comments Friendly-Strike 3 also brings two major improvements: I can't for the life of me figure out how to change weapons on this game.

Up to 4 players can join a game! One of the most entertaining multiplayer-clickgames I have come over yet.

Friendly-Strike 3 - CAIFOX

I think it would feel a lot more FUN if I could use the mouse to aim though. The players run around all over the place and try to shot one another with a lot of misses. This setting may be excellent for children, but it is impractical for adults. Choose a powerful weapon among the 48 available arms. You should use mouse for the aiming perhaps.

I can't imagine the time you spent on this. Very nice on-line game i give you 5 stars! The sprite shading was a little mediocre at places, but this is a great fastpaced game that was very well coded. It does get a little tiring playing computer players, it would be fun to try online play if there were enough people we could get online.

Posted by -Dark Martin. And a lot a people play with 2 or 3 players fiendly or online. This is obviously the gotw, but I feel sorry for HatMan which any frienldy week would get it from me, that is. Posted by simon kubisch. Team Fortress 2 Action. It's very well made, but it really needs mouse support before it can be taken seriously as an online game.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Choose the background of your arena among 19 Worlds and put your blocks together to create your very own arena! These last ones are incredibly powerful.

Reply Was it helpful? Then came the multiplayer game but the user is restricted to playing on the computer.

Please add a comment explaining the reasoning behind your vote. A mouse in my case would limit me to online play. How to clean registry featured.

Friendly-Strike 3

The four players enter into combat with each other, every man to himself and only one person can emerge as the victor. I can tell a lot of work went into the maps, weapons, etc. Point Blank Action game with many levels and stirke. This game is extremely wellmade.